Thursday, 8 September 2011

Day 9 - Food

I had a pretty good day today until I got home and ordered Japanese and had a glass of wine, but it was a bit of a reward for finally finishing my assignment so I'm not too worried about it, other than it'll probably push me off my 74.8kgs from this morning :/  But yay, assignment is DONE!

I think I have a few weeks until the next one is due, so for now at least I can start going to bed earlier and getting up earlier in the mornings to exercise again. Tonight I actually managed to do weights after dinner, it was the first time in a few weeks, so it was quite hard! Oh well, once I get back into it it'll be okay.

Breakfast 7:30am: I am kind of sick of eggs, so I had a smoothie instead - LSA mix, chia seeds, protein powder, vital greens, frozen raspberries, yogurt, coffee, milk and water - 380cal, 26.5g carb.

Snack 11:45am: Seafood mix - 68cal, 15g carb

Lunch 2:15pm: Chicken in salsa - 545cal, 24.5g carb

Snack 4:30pm: ham and cottage cheese - 94cal, 3.5g carb

Snack 5:30pm: Kiwi fruit - 39cal, 6.8g carb

Dinner 7:30pm: Terriyaki beef and vegies with rice - approx 403cal,  76g carb, half a japanese pancake -248 cal, 34g carb,  glass of rose - 112cal, 0.8g carb.

Total calories: 1889
Total carbs: 187g

Exercise: 30mins heavy weights - -230cal
Final calories: 1659
Calories balance: -299
Carb balance: -87g

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