Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Crossfit session 79 and paying for torture



1km bike-ride

Then 5 rounds of:

Max handstand hold
10 x squat


3 x 6 reps push-press

In between each round do 5 x pistols each leg.

I did:

6 x 20kg
6 x 25kg
6 x 25kg
6 x 25kg
5 x 25kg (Had to do an extra set because the trainer was correcting the way I did something)

Pistols suck ass, they're basically kind of  like a one legged squat. My legs are so unstable (which is is something the physio pointed out), so my balance is dreadful on one leg, I was wobbling all over the place AND I was only doing it so that my ass touched one of the high boxes because of my knee, so really only squatting down about 20cm or something.  Here's a mad example of a pistol.. on a KB no less.

This was totally me yesterday doing a pistol



20kg Dumb-bell push-press (everyone else was doing thrusters, so I was lucky!)
Chin-up (2 x orange bands woo!)

And then 500m row at the end of every round.

So 21 push-press, 21 chin-up, 500m row, 15 push-press, 15 chin-up, 500m row, 9 push-press, 9 chin-up, 500m row.

I think I smashed this workout, I completed it in about 18mins and felt really strong the whole way through. My rowing times were alright too, 2mins 4 secs for the first two and 2mins 6 seconds for the 3rd. My goal is to get it under 2mins.

I've never done 20kg push-presses using dumb-bells before, it's way harder than with a 20kg bar for some reason and I noticed that my right side is way weaker than my left, which is weird seeing as it's my dominant side.. my right knee is also the one that is screwed.. so clearly it's a conspiracy, or my right side is just fucktarded.

To finish

Everyone else had to see how high they could get with box-jumps, which was crazy to watch, some of the boys can jump ridiculously high!

Instead I got to do:

12 x back extension
12 x dips

x 3

Paying for torture

Sadly, not the fun kind of torture.. the horrible, hard, physio-massage kind of torture! This was the result this morning:

Yeah.. don't need that part of my leg for anything

Sure, my leg felt all wobbly and weird after (which I think is good, means all the tightness was released), but far out it's bruised! Not sure how he expects me to foam roll on that! I also had to pay $66 for the privilege, the last two appointments were fully covered by my health insurance, which was nice, this time though there was a gap.  I'm allowed to start testing it with running this fortnight though which is good, I have to start off only running for 1 min at a time and work my way up to see if the problem is fixed or at what point it occurs again. Fingers crossed it's actually improving.

Foam rolling the non-bruised parts of my legs

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Crossfit session 78 and supermarket discoveries



1k row

Then 5 rounds of:
10 x stick rolls
5 x inch worm


Crazy ass workout! It looked daunting at the start but was actually kind of fun, but once again I didn't have to do box jumps or running, so maybe it would have been less fun with those included.

100 x Kettlebell swings (16kg)

90 x Sit-ups

800m row

6 x pulling a sled with 40kg + a giant rope the length of the gym. Basically you wrap the giant rope around yourself and then attempt to pull the 40kg sled whilst being weighed down by the rope. Far out that was hard! I could do it the first few times, but then on the 5th and 6th I couldn't even get it to move at all. I'm sure the group 1 people were laughing at my retardedness. Everyone else had to do 70 x box jump overs, so I'm not sure who had the worse end of the deal here!

500m row, goal to get under 2mins15sec (got 2mins8sec!)

8 x rope pull-up (Basically lie on the floor and use the rope to pull yourself into a standing position and back down)

30 x Ball slam (15kg)

2 x 20kg Seated sled pull the length of the gym

Seated sled-pull

To finish:

12 x ring row
20 x ball tap

x 3


I have no idea how long this all took, it was over 50mins by the time I finished completely, but we had to wait for sleds for the seated sled pull so it was slightly less than that.

Ring row (you pull yourself up without bending your torso/legs etc)

This is how filthy my hands were after the WOD, Crossfit is truly a glamorous activity!

Things I learnt at the supermarket today

1.) You can now get sweet potato chips! They're cooked in sunflower oil, which is bad.. buuuut if you're going to eat junk you might as well eat sweet potato related junk! They were quite expensive from memory though for chips. I might have to give them a shot anyway because it's good we're finally getting some variety, even if it is only junk food at this stage.

2.) All the almond milk has cane sugar in it.. in fact So Good's almond milk has more sugar in it than it does almonds! It's listed as the second ingredient, after water, WTF! We've got Almond Breeze here now, but at my Coles anyway, they didn't have the unsweetened version, so it has cane sugar in it. There's another brand which is over $5 a carton (ridiculous) which doesn't have cane sugar.. but it does have some other random ingredients that you probably shouldn't drink. I was only looking as an option for with smoothies.. but until I find unsweetended almond breeze, I think I'll stick with coconut milk.

3.) Mackrel fillets in olive oil.. where have you been all my life??? I am hanging for pay day on Thursday when I can go and buy a ton more because I only bought one can because I wasn't sure if I liked them or not. I got them from Aldi because they didn't have the salmon I wanted and I think they're actually better than salmon!


I posted my progress photos etc. on a leangains forum yesterday and after everyone's responses I've decided to keep at it, it sounds like other people have had the same kind of results as me after 4 weeks. It does make life a whole lot easier when you don't have to worry about breakfast and it means I get to eat giant amounts of food and not gain weight, but at the same time learn to control hunger. So its all good really and sounds like I'm on the right track, even if I can't see it myself at the moment. I am doing way better in crossfit than I ever have before, all my weights have gone up and I'm going down on chin-up bands, so I am progressing, even if I don't have awesome abs just yet!

I'm not re-starting leangains until next week though because I can't actually afford to buy any more food at the moment, so eating crazy amounts of protein isn't going to happen until after payday!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Crossfit session 77 (Friday) and progress?


Going to Crossfit on a Friday afternoon makes me feel all virtuous and like I totally deserve to eat choc-tops at the movies. Pity the movie we saw was utter and complete rubbish! Do not see Snow White and the Huntsman, I didn't think it was going to be great but it was actually shockingly bad. Oh well, at least I wasn't paying I guess!


10 x stick rolls
10 x leg swings

x 5


20 - 2 x Push-ups
1 - 10 x Ball-slams (15kg)

So basically you do 20 push-ups and 1 ball-slam, then 18 push-ups and 2 ball slams etc. etc. until you get to 2 push-ups and 10 ball slams. I really wasn't into the push-ups today, they seemed exceptionally hard, it might have been because of the 100+ burpees from Wednesday.

In total it was: 110 push-ups and 55 ball-slams.


We worked on Push-jerks to 3 x 6 reps. I got to work on strict-press, so I just did 20kg. I had a go at 25kg but only got 3 reps out each time, I probably would have done better if it wasn't just after doing 110 push-ups! Not sure how many rounds I went for, more than 3, probably 5 all up I think plus 2 rounds of 3 at 25kg.

Metabolic conditioning

2km row, goal of getting under 8mins for men and under 9mins for women. I got 8mins 28 seconds.. WOO! I reckon I could have gotten under 8 mins if I hadn't slacked off at the start of it. I got told by one of the trainers that I was definitely getting fitter, so I guess all this pain is actually working!


10 x hanging straight-leg raises (or toes to bar if you can get your legs that high!)
10 x v-situp (Although you're probably supposed to keep your legs together more than this chick.. although she is working out on the beach, so that's pretty cool)

x 3

I didn't get all these done before the gym closed. I think I did 2 rounds of v-situp and 1 of leg raises.

Progress? (Warning, potentially NSFW, underware pics)

I've been doing leangains for about a month now and am really not sure if it's working or if I'm getting fatter. I was pretty sure I was getting thinner based on my clothes, but then I took some progress photos and they make me look fatter! So this morning I took measurements and they indicate that I've gotten thinner, so I have no idea what is actually correct!

I'm also concerned that because leangains means I have to eat so many calories in a short amount of time, it might make my stomach used to having giant portions, which isn't so good if you're not doing leangains and have a history of overeating! So, I'm not really sure whether to continue with it or not. Other than trying to cram in the right number of calories in a short amount of time if I'm already full, I find it really easy to stick to.

I ate breakfast today, which was actually quite nice, so I may have a week off from leangains and see how that goes, but I'm really not sure though, it's only been 4 weeks, so maybe I should keep going with it and re-assess again in a couple of weeks and see if there's more definite progress.

Mm breakfasty

So here are the photos and the measurements. The weight I'm not too concerned about because my scales are completely dodgy anyway and if I've put on muscle then gaining is all good. Glenn's scales actually told me I was 72.5kg on the weekend so I really have no idea what is correct at this point! 

Weight: 74.7kg
5cms above belly button: 81cm
Belly button: 91cm
5cm below: 94cm

Weight: 76.1kg (+1.4kg)
5cms above belly button: 81cm (same)
Belly button: 88cm (-3cm)
5cm below: 93cm (-1cm)

May on left, June on right (I think I look fatter in June!)
May on left, June on right (again, I think I look fatter now)

And, just because I'm obsessed with them, here's some bicep photos (yeah shut-up, they might not be guns, but they're bigger than they used to be!)

There is totally a bicep there, I swear!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Crossfit session 76 (Wednesday), chicken stock and a holiday


This was a doozy of a workout, when I got in there a couple of the other girls were standing around the board kind of staring at it in shock, we then discussed ways to sneak out without the trainers noticing! Buut we stayed, like good girls and it wasn't as bad as it looked, although I got the easy way, no running and no double-unders! I guess having a bung knee is good for something.


10 x dips
10 x squats (lunges for everyone else)

x 5

I think I spent too much time plotting to leave cuz I didn't even finish 3 rounds.


2km row
75 x sit-ups
50 x burpees
1km row
50 x sit-ups
35 x burpees
500m row
25 x sit-ups
20 x burpees

So in total 3.5km row, 150 sit-ups and 105 burpees.

I completed it in 43mins 25 seconds. It didn't suck as much as I expected, I did the burpees in sets of 10, which made them manageable. Everyone else was doing running and double-unders (skipping) instead of rowing and sit-ups.

Then we did some ring rows and 1min planks until they kicked us out.

Speaking of Burpees, this guy is doing a 365 burpee challenge to raise money for children's charities. He started at the start of the year with 1 burpee and every day is adding 1 more, until he gets to 365. Massive props to him, cuz burpees suck and he's doing thousands over the course of the year!

Chicken stock

Tonight I'm making chicken stock, based on this recipe from Sarah Wilson. I've never made stock before, but I had a chicken carcass from the roast, so I thought why the hell not! I haven't made soup in ages either, so I'll use this as a base for something, or maybe just drink it as bone-broth, which is supposed to be really good for you. Hopefully it works out!

Stock pre-cooking


The completely exciting news for the week is that Glenn and I are going to the USA in October/November! We both got our leave approved today and we'll be booking the tickets on the weekend. We're going to visit Glenn's twin brother, who lives in San Francisco and also just generally see the country, I've never been so I'm quite excited. We're going to go to Vegas and LA and I'm hoping also NYC. Now I just have to get the savings happening, so I apologise in advance if I'm really boring and won't spend money on anything for the next 3 months!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Crossfit session 75 (Tues)


Got up early again today, it's not so bad actually! I also didn't really go to bed that early last night because I was out and it was still all good. Can't say I was overly productive at work though!


1km row

Then 10 x stick rolls
10 x leg swings each side

x 5


It was front-squats, so I got to do:

10 x back extensions
10 x hanging knee raise

I think I did about 6 rounds of those. For the last few sets of back extensions I was using a 5kg plate as well.. fun!


5 x power clean (25kg)
10 x knee-raises
3 x sled pull (20kg), the length of the gym

15min AMRAP

I think I got 6 rounds done. So that's 120 knee-raises this morning, no wonder my hands are killing me!


10 x back extensions
30 second hollow hold

x 3


I made roast chicken last night, damn it was good! I had it with sweet potato chips and veggies (and totally non-paleo gravy.. but shhhh!)

I also made paleo pancakes, based off this recipe, I didn't have any cherries though so I just used frozen blueberries and made some chocolate sauce (coco powder and honey) and topped it with coconut cream. Amazing!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Crossfit session 74 (Friday)


I think 3 days in a row of Crossfit is too much! I was rubbish at everything today, even things I've done a million times before and shouldn't' have struggled with. Maybe I was just having an off day, but usually I have a day in between sessions and that seems to work well so I'll stick with that, I'd just screwed my schedule up this week.


5-10 x chin-ups (2 x orange bands woo!)
15 x leg swings

x 5

WOD 1 

Every minute on the minute do 15 kettle-bell swings and then for the remaining time in that minute do max sit-ups. 12 mins total.

I've recently changed to the 16kg kettle-bell from the 12kg one and I'm struggling with it. Our gym doesn't have anything in between 12 and 16 either, which is stupid, cuz I reckon I'd be fine with a 14kg one! The 16kg totally screws up my hands and my forearms and I can barely do 15 reps without stopping, so this workout sucked.

I got through all the swings for the first few mins and got to do some sit-ups, but then I started really struggling and couldn't get through the full 15 within the I hardly did any sit-ups in the end because I'd still be finishing off the swings from the previous minute when we had to do another 15! Horrible. I couldn't wait for that 12mins to be up.  It probably didn't help that I went down a band on chin-ups too, so my forearms were already tired.. kind of retarded to do that in a warm-up, but anyway, live and learn! 

WOD 2 

2 x rope climb attempt
10 x back extension
8 x burpee

20min AMRAP

I have no clue how many rounds I got, not tons.. maybe 5? That's a total guess though. My rope climbs were sucking today, I couldn't even manage to grip on once, I think it was the new shoes, I'm going to go back to my old shoes for rope climbs because at least with those I could get a few metres up the rope.

My sexy spider rope-climbing sock, didn't help me climb though :(


I still haven't done any progress photos/measurements, maybe tonight. 

I had a good weekend, I went to the movies on Friday night and saw Prometheus, which I didn't fall asleep during, even though it was an 11:15pm session (seriously, that is a massive achievement for me!).

Saturday I spent all day sorting out an outfit for a party on Saturday night, but I ended up looking awesome so it was worth it... mostly thanks to Glenn, cuz I was unconvinced that I looked awesome until the last 5mins before we left the house! I'm glad he can put up with my crazy pre-going freakouts.. and all my other crazy freakouts.

Sunday I had a family thing with Glenn, which was nice, and then we watched the new episode of True Blood, hopefully this season will be better than the last.. but I'm not so sure!  Weekends are never long enough :(

If you put your hand over the upper right corner, this is totally a paleo dinner!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Crossfit session 73 (Thursday.. morning!)


Woo I managed to get up at 6:15am to go to Crossfit before work, I slept like crap too, I kept dreaming about Crossfit, which isn't very conducive to sleeping.  I decided to do Crossfit this morning because I'm trying to stick to 3x per week and I missed Monday because of my Uni assignment and didn't do Tuesday because I was relaxing after doing my uni assignment, so I had a day to make-up. It's also good because I'm going out for dinner tonight and it's a workout day, which means I get to eat carbs and more calories, woo!


500m row

Then 5 rounds of:

10 x air squat
15 x stick rolls


Everyone was working on front-squats, which I can't do at the moment, so I got to do some weird strengthening exercises for my legs and some back-extensions. Sounds easy but my legs are sore now!

The strengthening thing was a crab-walk with the chin-up bands around my legs, amazingly there are videos of it on the internet!

I had a doubled-up band around my legs so it was quite hard to move and I did end up getting sweaty so it was obviously doing something.

I was doing sets of 12 back extensions, I probably did about 6 or 7 rounds of those.


Everyone had to do "Karen", which is 150 wall balls for time, but I can't do wall balls, so I got 100 dead-ball slams, which is the exercise I was doing on Friday, except this time I was using a 15kg ball. It's pretty challenging, I was doing them in sets of about 5-10 most of the way through. I have no idea how long it took.
Here's a video, although our balls bounce even less than this -

To finish

3 x 10 lying straight leg raises (something like this:


The way I usually do Leangains is by fasting from 11pm until 1pm the next day, then I have 2 meals in the afternoon before  Crossfit, which is at 7pm, and then I eat my main meal when I get home afterwards. Today however, I did Crossfit in the morning, which meant I had to fast before and after my workout, all I was able to have was black coffee and BCAA's, I was pretty hungry at certain points, but I still made it to 1pm! WOO! It's good to be able to get over being hungry and not just give in... now if I could only find this self restraint when faced with a buffet table or food at a party.

Tonight I'm going out for Mexican too, so I'll get to eat whatever I like within reason and it won't affect my progress too much, which reminds me, I need to take some progress photos to see how I'm going. The scales were horrible to me today though, I'd apparently put on 2kg since yesterday.. I really should just put them away and stop weighing myself because I know it's rubbish when you're gaining muscle, but it is tempting to hop on every now and then. Photos and measurements are much more indicative, so I'll try and get those done over the weekend maybe.

Here's a picture of my delicious margartia from last night, pity I had to drive and am broke, otherwise I could have done with about 5 more!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Crossfit session 72 (Wednesday)



10 x air squats
Max hand-stand hold

x 5

One of the exercises my physio has given me for the next two weeks is squats, woo! I have to hang onto something and make really sure my shins stay straight but it does mean I could do this warm-up without having to substitute anything.. progress!


6 x chest-to-bar chin-ups (orange and red bands)
6 x strict press (20kg)
500m bike ride

15min AMRAP

I got through 6 full rounds and was almost done with the bike ride in the 7th round I think.


In pairs:

Person A rows 200m
Person B holds a plank until person A has finished their 200m row

x 5 (each person does each thing 5 times)

Hate planks! Plus my partner wasn't the fastest of rowers so I was down there for a while!


Max hanging knee raises in 3mins. I have no idea how many I got, it wasn't much because my hands were sore from doing all the chin-ups.

Chest-to-bar chin-ups.. chest-ups?


Although it's totally not paleo, I sometimes use protein powder in smoothies, or if I just need some extra protein without much else, however I'd run out, so today I got to buy new protein powder.. woo! Yeah, I get excited about it because it means a new flavour because I try to switch products every time to get a bit of variety and get to try new things.

Last time, I had Pro-Matrix's Naked Whey - WPI (Whey Protein Isolate), which had no flavour but had bugger all carbs and bugger all lactose. It was good in smoothies, but usually meant I had to add some cocoa powder to give the smoothie any real flavour.

This time I got one of their other products which is Pro-matrix Wicked Whey - WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate), chocolate flavour. It's delicious! It has slightly less protein and slightly more carbs and lactose per serve compared to the WPI, but still less than 2g of each per serve. They're an Australian or NZ company too, which is good.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Crossfit session 71 (Friday)


I totally forgot to post this over the weekend so my memory of what we did is a little bit hazy!


Stick rolls and max handstand holds


This was supposed to be push-jerk to 3 x 6reps but I did strict presses instead, so I didn't really get to go up in weight much because it's damn hard lifting weight over your head without using your legs!

I think I did about 4 or 5 rounds of 6 reps at 20kg, boring.

Here's a video of the difference between a strict press, a push-press and the push-jerk:

This guy would probably get pulled-up for not having his elbows up high enough in some of these moves if he was doing this at our gym (something I often get pulled-up on).


10-1 - Dumb-bell strict press
20-2 - Ball slam (12kg ball)
10-1 - Pull-ups (orange and red band)

So basically you do 10 dumbbell strict press, 20 ball slam, 10 pull-ups, then 9 dumbbell press, 18 ball slam, 9 pull-ups etc. etc. until you get down to 1-2-1 of each. There was a 25min cut-off and I just made it!

Here's a video of a ball-slam, except that our balls don't bounce! They are tough!!

I also tried two thinner bands tonight for pull-ups and I could do them! I only tried them out because there wasn't enough of the big blue ones, so that's progress..although it's hard to know how many of the small ones would be equal to the big blue and the thin yellow one, which is what I was using before today.


30 second plank
20 x ball taps (tap medicine ball from side to side while crunching, couldn't find a good video)

x 3


I'm still doing leangains, although I didn't do it at all yesterday because I had my final assignment due for the semester and I hadn't finished it yet, so I needed all the help I could get! I pretty much stuck to it on the weekend, although I didn't follow my macro targets, I just skipped breakfast, but the weight on the scales was down today so that's something!

Here's some of the food I've been eating:

Paleo kedgeree!

I loved kedgeree as a kid but I haven't eaten it for years, I had a ton of cauliflower in the fridge though so I gave it a shot, paleo-style and it totally worked! I just used a normal recipe and substituted cauliflower rice for the actual rice. Easy-peasy!

Post work-out meal friday

This is my post-workout meal from Friday - sweet potato chips, an egg white omelette and some veggies, it was actually supposed to be my afternoon snack but we got out of work early so I kept it until after Crossfit.

Taco salad
Super easy paleo taco-salad :)

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Crossfit session 70 and general stuff



1km row
10 stick rolls

WOD 1 

It was supposed to be "Nancy", which is running and overhead squats so instead I got:

400m row
3 laps of the gym doing an overhead farmer's walk with 2x 8kg kettlebells

For 5 rounds

It took me 23mins, I also managed to row an extra 100m one of the rounds because I wasn't paying attention. The overhead farmer's walks were tough! They're easy for the first few metres and then your shoulders get super tired because you also have to try and push your shoulders up while you're doing it (as with an overhead squat).

I was doing this, but with one kettlebell in each hand


15 x chin-ups (blue and yellow bands)
15 x ab mat sit-ups

For 5 rounds

So 75 of each in total.

Other stuff

One of the women at work asked me this morning how much weight I lost, I haven't actually lost any recently but it's always nice to hear that you look like you have! I'm assuming the scales are staying the same because I'm actually gaining muscle, maybe soon I'll have mad guns, oh yeah! Hopefully not as manly-looking as Sam Stosur though.

Manly guns

I have also discovered something more delicious than sweet potato chips, sweet potato chips with bolognese sauce on them! The picture looks gross but I assure you, it was delicious!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Crossfit session 69 and food babies



1km row (4mins 15sec I think)

Then one of the trainers got me to do some weird crab walking thing with bands around my thighs, the aim was to help strengthen my ass muscles to help my knee.. I reckon he just wanted to make me look like a tard.


It was supposed to be "Death by Thrusters" but I can't do thrusters, so I did "Death by Push-Press" instead.

Basically in the first minute you do 1 rep, in the second minute you do 2 reps, in the 3rd minute you do 3 reps etc. etc. until you can't complete the number of reps for that minute. The first 8 or so are easy but when it gets over 10 then you're in trouble. I'm not sure what the record was last night.

I did 12 full rounds and then was up to 10 in the 13th round. So that's a total of 88 push-presses at 20kg.

Here's a push-press


This was supposed to be double unders and back squats so I got kettle-bell swings and ab-mat sit-ups.

50 x kettle-bell swings (16kg)
50 x ab mats
40 x kettle-bell swings
40 x ab mats

etc. until down to 10 reps of each. There was a 15min cut-off and I was just about to start the 20 rep sets when it went off. So that's a total of 120 KB swings and 120 sit-ups


3 min hollow hold

Everything hurts today!!


As I've mentioned before I'm doing leangains for the next couple of weeks at least, which is a 14-16hr fast and a 8-10hr eating window per day, combined with macro-nutrient cycling depending on if it's a training day or not.

The amount of food I have to eat in my 10hr window to meet my macro targets is crazy! I have to get 165g protein, which is a LOT of protein and on training days I'm also supposed to get 200g of carbs, which is one target I never meet because it's just too much, especially if you're mostly just eating sweet potato.

Sweet potato chips mmmm

Yesterday was a training day, so last night I had to eat a ton of food after my workout, it felt like my food baby had a food baby!  I have discovered a seriously delicious dessert though, sliced banana and frozen raspberries with dulce de leche (Argentinian caramel) and a little bit of coconut cream, it was so very amazing. I'm almost out of dulce de leche though :(

Heaven in a bowl!

Other than having to cram a ton of food in, I'm really not having any issues with Leangains. I went way off plan on the weekend (buffets and me do not mix, I eat everything in sight), but I did manage to stick within my eating and fasting windows with no problems.  Hopefully I see some sort of results by S&S, I know it's hardly any time but even a slightly less puffy stomach would be awesome! I did buy 2 pairs of size 12 jeans on the weekend though, so that was awesome, I haven't been size 12 since I was in high school!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Crossfit session 68 (Friday) and ribs, glorious ribs



10 x stick rolls
15 x leg swings

x 5

WOD 1 

11 x hang power clean (
2 x wall climb (

15min AMRAP

I got 6 or 7 rounds done I think, so that's over 60 power cleans, which is quite a lot. I only did it at 20kg though because I wasn't sure that I should really be doing them with my knee because they involve a bit of a jump, so I was being quite cautious with them.

Wall climbs suck, I just can't really move my hands in far enough to get close to the wall and properly vertical.

WOD 2 

This was another pairs workout where one person rows a certain distance (500m in this case) and the other person has to do an AMRAP of some exercises (double unders and rope climbs in this case). We had an uneven number of people and I can't do double-unders at the moment so I was all by myself. I did 30 sit-ups instead of double-unders, so my workout was this:

500m row
1 x rope climb (or good attempt)
30 x ab mat sit up

15min AMRAP

I think I got through 3 or 4 rounds, so at least a 1.5km row, 3 rope climb attempts and 90 sit-ups.

To finish

1 min plank, 1 min rest x 3

I sucked at these and could only get about 30 seconds of planks each time, but I had just done 90 sit-ups whereas the others hadn't!


I only discovered the deliciousness that is ribs last year, I have no idea why the hell it took me so long! On the weekend I decided to make some of my own instead of paying $15 for takeaway ribs which would come with chips that I really shouldn't eat.

They were so easy! Basically you put them on a foil lined tray, cover in bbq sauce (marinate prior if possible) cover tray with foil and bake for 2hrs @ 160 degrees (not fan forced), then take them out and put more bbq sauce on and bake uncovered for another 15mins or so. I cheated and used masterfoods bbq sauce, which was delicious, but there are tons of recipes out there. I can see these becoming a regular dinner  in my house!


Hell yeah, super delicious and with veggies no less!