Monday, 30 July 2012

Crossfit session 91 (Thurs) and 92 (Friday)

Ugh I am so behind on everything at the moment! I've had things on Sunday and Monday evenings the last two weeks and it's meant that I haven't had my usual evenings to cook, clean and sort everything out for the week ahead for the last fortnight, so I feel like I'm completely behind with everything.

It's only going to get worse too because I now have uni on one evening a week, so I have to move Crossfit around as well. I'm going to try and get into the habit of doing it one morning a week instead of the evening, so I don't lose too many of my evenings. I need chillaxing time, I feel like I'm constantly running around, which I guess I am.

Crossfit Thursday


1km row
10 x stick rolls


Everyone was doing power-snatch to 5 rep max and pistols (1 legged squats) in between.

I got to do prowler runs and GHD sit-ups. I'd never done the GHD sit-ups before so I only went to parallel, I was freaking out that I was going to fall on my head at first but I got over it.

GHD Sit-ups from the Crossfit Games


Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes do 2 x power cleans and then fill the rest of the minute with skipping.

I only did 25kg for the power-cleans but I really could have gone heavier given it was only 2 reps at a time.


Practice ring holds (basically trying to hold yourself up on gymanastics rings.. much harder than it looks!)

Then, more prowler runs!

Crossfit Friday

No idea what the warm-up was.


For everyone else it was overhead squat to their 5 rep max. For me, it was behind the neck push-press, I couldn't really go any heavier than the 20kg bar anyway, so I just did lots of rounds of 5 reps at that weight.


3, 6, 9, 12, 15 etc.

20kg box step-up (everyone else was doing thrusters)
16kg KB swings

12mins AMRAP as far up as you can go.

So you do 3 step-ups then 3 KB swings, then 6 step-ups and 6 swings etc. etc. as far as you can go in 12mins. I finished the 21 reps set. So in total that's 84 of each exercise, crazy!

To finish

Tractor tyre flipping!!! I've seen the tractor tyres down in the basement area before and knew that in Crossfit you do sometimes flip them, but we'd never gotten to play with them until now! Tonight we had to do as many flips as we could in a 1minute, girls worked in pairs, because those things are fucking heavy! We did 19 flips I think. It was so much fun, even though I have a massive bruise on my knee from it!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Crossfit session 90 (woo!) (Tuesday)


I'm back at uni this week and my class is Wednesday evenings, so my Crossfit days are going to be all screwed up. I think I'll do Monday, Tuesday, Friday, although I didn't go on Monday this week because I had dinner with friends, so I'll have to go Thurs. I might try and get into the habit of going some mornings as well, just so I don't lose all my free evenings.

I can't remember what the warm-up was.


Looong work out today, I kind of like them though because it means you're not doing something over and over, once you've done your reps you move on!

10 calorie row (no idea how long this took, not long)
20 x push-press (push-jerk for the others)
30 x toes to bar/toes to rings/hanging knee raises
40 x push-ups (chest to ground using bands)
40 x back extensions (everyone else was doing 40 x burpee box jumps, so push-ups and back extensions were my substitutes)
50 x sit-ups
60 x kettle-bell swings (16kg)
1km row (everyone else was doing walking lunges)

This took me 23mins 10 seconds.

We did something after this as well, I've totally forgotten what though! I really need to write it all down on the day, instead of days later.


I'm doing well with sticking to paleo this week, I've been pretty much sugar-free as well, except for 1/4 cup raspberries in the evenings. I've also re-introduced greek yogurt because, unlike milk, it doesn't seem to give me any reaction, which is good.. and it's delicious!   I really think going sugar-free is the best idea, I don't seem to have the same cravings and over-eating behaviour as last week when I was eating honey and things like that as well.

I'm also trying to branch out and eat different stuff so that I'm not bored, this week for lunch I have turkey burgers and salad, they're awesome!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Crossfit session 89 (Friday), hangovers and the weekend

Crossfit and hangovers

I was supposed to go to Crossfit on Thurs night to make up for not going Wednesday, but I was so hungover and tired from Wednesday that I just stayed in and sat on the couch and did some holiday planning. Total lazy-ass, but at least I got some holiday stuff done.

I bought a coconut juice on the way to work on Thursday in the hope that it would help my hangover because it's full of electrolytes, I think I felt a bit better afterwards but was still very hungover.  I think I'm getting old!

Mmm electrolytes


10 x leg swings
10 x squats

x 5


Supposed to be power-snatch to 5 rep max, but jumping aggravates my knee, so I did:

5 x behind-the-neck press (20kg)
5 x strict pull-up (2 x orange bands)

x 5

I did a few extra presses at the end because the others hadn't finished their power snatches.


The actual WOD contained all the exercises I can't do (squats, wall balls, box jumps), so mine was completely different. I did:

250m row
15 x kettlebell swing (16kg)
15 x ball slam (15kg)

16min AMRAP

I got through 4 full rounds and had done 8 ball slams in the 5th when the time was up, so a total of 75 swings, 68 ball slams and 1250m row.


Push-up practice, for people who can go chest to ground they were practising with weight plates on their backs, for me I was just practising chest to ground push-ups, I can do a few at a time at least!

I also did a 1min plank.

While all this was going on apparently there was an earthquake, totally didn't feel it!


Friday was good, I was 100% paleo the whole day, other than a glass or 2 of red wine in the evening. Saturday and Sunday were yet another diet write-off and when I say write-off I mean it! I ate chips, ice-cream, peanut butter m&ms, pizza, wedges and lollies.  

I really need to stop giving in to sugar and junk and just try and replace it with paleo-friendly alternatives,  like Meatza!,  so that I don't feel like I'm missing out when G is eating crap.  Or if we get takeaway, I can do what I did when I was doing the Whole30 and get one of the meat options with veggies instead of pizza. 

I made these paleo chicken "burgers" the other day (chicken thigh, bacon, pineapple, cheese and lettuce), inspired by a recipe my friend Julia posted, they were amazing and felt like a treat, so I'm definitely going to make these more often and will probably also try out different versions, maybe with beef. 

Paleo Hawaiian chicken burger

I know I keep saying this, but this week I am going to make a proper effort to be more strict, cut out sugar and also try and control my portion sizes, cuz they're way out of control and I think I'm getting pudgy. I have always been an over-eater, so it's really hard for me to judge what a reasonable portion is and my mechanism for feeling full just doesn't seem to work, so that makes it harder still to judge what I should be eating. My main problem is making food with enough for the next few days and then keeping on going back for 2nds, 3rds etc. I really need to just portion it up straight away and chuck it in the freezer so I can't keep going back to it. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Crossfit session 88 (Tuesday) and cramps



10 x air squat
Max strict pull-ups (no kipping, red and orange bands)

x 5

For the pull-ups I got 10, 9, 7, 7,6.. I think.

2 x rope climb
12 x deadlift (40kg)
200m row

12min AMRAP

3 full rounds, up to rowing in 4th.

I was doing rope climb attempts (got halfway up!) and then doing 5 chin-ups with only a red band.. woo! Maybe doing chin-ups without bands isn't a complete dream after-all!


200m row sprint (running sprints for everyone else)
10 x strict hanging leg raises (strict = no swinging to help you get your legs up)
10 x lying knees to elbows (so, doing this movement while lying on your back on the floor holding onto a pole)

x 3

My goddamn toes kept cramping during the rows and the leg raises, so this took me ages.


I've been getting toe/feet cramps really regularly for the past few weeks, I'm not entirely sure what is causing it. My googling suggests that low levels of calcium, potassium or magnesium can cause cramps, but I know for me it can't be potassium because I'm on potassium-sparing diuretics for my blood pressure, so my body actually retains potassium and I'm not allowed to take potassium supplements or each too many foods containing potassium, so that leaves calcium or magnesium.

I've been taking calcium supplements because I've cut out dairy, but to be honest I don't take them every day, so will make sure I do. I bought some magnesium yesterday, but after doing some googling on the blood pressure medication I'm on, there is conflicting information that it can cause your body to retain magnesium and therefore magnesium supplements are not recommended, but then there was also information out there saying it could cause low magnesium levels! The same medication can also cause both hair loss and hair gain, so who the fuck knows. It's driving me crazy though, so I might just ask my doctor about it next time I'm in there, given the potential issues because of my medication.

I don't have any interesting photos for you today, so here is a photo of my breakfast, I've run out of all my normal breakfast accompaniments (spinach, mushroom and tomato), so I had to eat my eggs with broccoli and red capsicum instead, it wasn't so bad!

I've been really shit-house at sticking to my decision to be strict paleo and cut out sugar this week, I had some honey last night and the night before and have been mindlessly snacking in the evenings as well (only on chicken and almonds.. but still). I used to be able to stop myself and have some self control but currently it's not going so well! I'm going out for drinks tonight after work too, so that'll be a diet write-off.  At least I'm feeling good this week and not all depressed and crap like the last few, so I'm not really beating myself up about it.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Crossfit session 87 (Friday) and the weekend

I think when I get to session 100 I'll buy myself a Crossfit Melbourne T-shirt, I may have earned one by then!


500m row

Then 4 rounds of:

10 x air squat
10 x stick roll

I was running super late due to actually having to do some work for my first aider payments at work, instead of just doling out band-aids like usual, I had to go with someone to the emergency ward because they were having chest pains. I only stayed until she was admitted, but apparently she was in there for about 7 hours and they did a lot of tests on her but they were inconclusive, she is okay though but will have to go back for some more tests.

So anyway, I was running late and didn't really do the warm-up, but I ran from the station to the car so I was pretty warm anyway. I did 20 air squats and some stick rolls before we got called in for our session.

WOD 1 

1 min max knees to elbows
1 min max ball slam (15kg)
1 min max kettle bell swings (16kg) (box jumps for the others)
400m row (run for the others)
1 min rest

x 5

Doesn't sound like much, but it was brutal! I guess it was over 25mins in total, so no wonder. I wasn't counting my reps, so I'm not sure what I got in each minute.


25 x sit-ups
10 x back extensions

10min AMRAP

I wasn't really counting how many rounds I got through, would have been around 5ish.

Everyone else was doing overhead squats (max) and then rowing 250m every time they had to put the bar down from OHS. One guy only had to row once and managed to get out 112 squats in the 10mins.. crazy!


This weekend I was totally lazy, I didn't do any of my physio exercises or do any running or even leave the house at all on Saturday. Instead, G and I spent the day watching Arrested Development, True Blood, Snooki and Jwoww (shut-up), Breaking Bad and also the movie Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. We may have also eaten junk food and drunk booze. It was fun!

Cachaca! I'd forgotten that I'd bought some duty-free when I was coming back from NZ.

Totally did not eat this.. nuh-uh!

I also watched some of the Crossfit Games (like the Olympics for Crossfit) which were being held in the USA. My gym ended up coming 9th out of 43 other crossfit gyms, which was an amazing effort, especially seeing as they were coming 22nd at one point. Some of the things the athletes had to do looked crazy hard and it was really amazing to watch them getting through it (the eye candy didn't hurt either).

This week the aim is to get my diet under control.. so no more Rocky Road Overload for me! :(

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Crossfit session 86 (Wednesday) and general life stuff



1km row



400m run (rowing for me)
21 x Kettlebell swings (16kg)
12 x chin-ups (orange and red bands)

x 3

I completed it in 12mins 42 seconds, which is way better than my last time (in Jan this year) of 15mins 36 seconds. Last time I was using a 12kg kettle-bell and blue and red bands for chins, so I am improving! I did run last time though, so it's not exactly comparable. 


1 x rope climb (3 x rope pull-up from sitting for me cuz I can't rope climb)
10 x push-jerk (25kg)

15min AMRAP

I got through 3 full rounds and was just about to do the wall climb in the 4th. 

There was also supposed to be an abs finisher, but we went over time, so when I got home I did about 50 sit-ups to make up for it.


I've been quite down I think this week, which had lead to cooking and eating too many brownies (paleo, but even so) and just generally over eating everything. I'm not exactly sure what is up. I know part of it is self esteem, because I'm feeling fat and troll-like, I'm also feeling undesirable and unwanted, which is never a good state to be in and just causes more shit eating. I'm also annoyed at how slow my progress is, I instantly want to look awesome and have abs, but I don't and I know it's unrealistic because people like the chick below put in a ton of effort and probably don't binge eat, and undoing years of shit eating and weighing over 100kg takes time, I'm just impatient. I will also never look like that because I've stretched my skin to the point of no return by being such a lard-ass for so many years.

Another thing that is making feel like crap is that I wish my knee would just hurry up and get better, I want the freedom of just being able to go for a run. After my appointment on Wednesday I was feeling really low about the whole thing and not really sure that what the physio was telling me was correct, because it is taking ages and is not any better at all, but after spending part of yesterday googling my symptoms, it does seem that physio exercises and rest is pretty much all you can do. Yay :( 

So, what am I going to do to get myself out of this funk? I'm going to try and cut out sugar and essentially do a bit of a Whole30 (but be a bit less strict on weekends) to try and get my eating back on track and hopefully see some progress. I'm going to be less hard on myself and just TRY and eat intuitively and not beat myself up if I mess up. I'm not going to worry about the numbers on the scale or the measuring tape and try and focus on being better at Crossfit. I'm going to do all of my physio exercises and really try to get my knee sorted.

I'm going to make an effort to watch less tv and do other things more in the evenings, like read, have a bath, plan our trip to the US, sort out all the excess junk in my room, see friends, organise to sell some of the clothes that no longer fit but are too good/expensive to go to the op shop etc., instead of just sitting in front of the tv like a zombie for hours on end. I'm also going to maybe try out meditation to try and learn not to always be thinking a million things at once and worrying about things that are too far in the future or that are irrelevant, although I'm not sure how I'll go with that one! 

So, I'll see how it goes. I might need to re-read this post next week to remind myself of what I was going to do.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Crossfit session 85 (Monday)


I was still sore from Saturday's "Filthy Fifty" on Monday, actually I was sore up until today, so this workout was a bit of a challenge and I almost wanted to cry when I saw the board because the workout looked a lot like the Filthy Fifty, but then we were told it was a parter workout, so it wasn't so bad!


Max handstand push-up (handstand hold for me)
10 x squats

x 5


In pairs do:

50 x chin-ups (25 each)
50 x wall balls / ball slams (12kg)  (25 each)
50 x double unders / 150 x single skips each (this was supposed to be 100 double-unders total but 3 normal skips = 1 double-under apparently)
100 x push-ups (50 each)
150 x sandbag squats / kettle-bell swings (16kg) (75 each)
75 x box jumps / 5 x prowler run there and back (10kg plates)
1.6km run / 3.6km (10min) stationary bike
2k row (1k each)

This was a bit complicated because there were movements I couldn't do (wall balls, double unders, squats, box jumps, running), so our workout was a bit different and required some coordination. Where there is a '/', I did the exercise on the right, while my partner did the regular exercise on the left. I had to do 5 prowler runs, which is really 10 because 1 counts as the length of the gym and back, these almost killed me, I could have very easily burst into tears after about the 4th run, but I didn't. 

I have no idea how long it took to do all this but it was a while, maybe 50mins, but we had some set up time in there and we had to keep checking what numbers we were supposed to be doing on the board, so it was less than that in reality.


I made my own almond butter on the weekend, now there is a dangerous skill to have! I can eat a whole jar in no time at all, so I will have to be very careful to not eat the whole bowl. It's so much cheaper than buying the jars though, even from the cheap nut place a jar is $5.50 (more like $7+ in the supermarket), however I got a massive bag of almonds from Aldi for less than $10 and used hardly any to make this bowl of nut butter!

Home-made almond butter.. a dangerous skill to have!

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Crossfit session 84 (Saturday)

I spent the night over my side of town for once on Friday, which meant I had no excuse not to go to Crossfit on Saturday morning, I also suck at sleeping in these days, so I was awake before 8am anyway.


10 x stick roll
10 x push-ups

x 5


"Filthy Fifty"

A named workout.. good way to start a Saturday!

50 x Box jumps (20kg weighted box step up for me)
50 x Chin-ups (orange and red bands)
50 x Kettle-bell swings (16kg)
50 x Walking lunges (50 more KB swings for me!)
50 x Knees to elbows
50 x Push-press (20kg)
50 x Back extensions
50 x Wall balls (12kg ball slams for me)
50 x Burpees (except we're not allowed to do the push-up on our knees as she does in this video!)
50 x Double-unders (150 normal skips for me)

I completed in 42mins 13sec, I only got that time thanks to one of the trainers who came over and coached me through the last of the burpees, I was struggling with them, everything was sore at that point!

My last time was 46mins something, so I beat that, woo! I also was doing heavier KB swings and less bands for chin-ups, so that's good. It's not directly comparable though because I was doing slightly different exercises for some of it.

It's a bitch of a workout, that's for sure! Afterwards I went home, foam-rolled as much of my body as possible and then ate sweet potato chips and some bolognaise sauce, soo good.

Sweet potato chips

Today I am so sore, pretty much every single muscle in my body is sore, so it was clearly a fully body workout yesterday. The soreness didn't stop me from practicing some handstands in the lounge room this afternoon though, I'm kind of addicted to them, they're so much fun! I wish I'd been less of a wuss and tried them earlier. Next step is to nail the handstand push-up.. here's another video of handstand push-up progression, this chick has an amazing body!

Sexy white belly, oh yeah

Crossfit session 83 (Friday)


I have completely forgotten!


100 x power clean (25kg)
Every 3mins do a suicide run, or a prowler run to the end of the gym and back in my case (no added weight on the prowler).

So you did as many power cleans as you could in the first 3 mins and then you did the run and once you'd finished the run you spent the rest of the 3mins doing power cleans and then when 3mins was up you ran again. So if you spent ages running, you'd get hardly any power cleans done before another 3mins was up and you had to run again.

It took 14mins something for me to finish, it was kind of brutal, 100 power cleans is a lot! This is what my shins look like the next day, clearly I was keeping the bar VERY close to my legs!

Sexy bruised shins

5 rounds of:

20 x ball slams 
20 x sit-ups
1 x wall climb

I started with a 15kg ball for the ball slams but swapped to 12kg because it was just way too heavy after the power cleans. We actually did this workout in pairs, so one person would do a round while the other rested and then we'd swap, but everyone had to do 5 rounds each. So it was a total of 100 ball slams, 100 sit ups and 5 wall climbs. Fun!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Crossfit session 82 (Wednesday)



500m row

Then 5 rounds of max strict chin-up (no kipping) and 15 x leg swings.

Bam, got my 500m row under 2mins!!! 1min 58 secs, but still under! I got a high 5 from one of the trainers too.  Now I just have to do it again next time.

My max each round was about 4 strict chins, I've just gone to 2 orange bands, so I was struggling to do them strict (found out afterwards that I should have just gone up a band and done more, oh well!).


10 x push-press 20kg (push-jerk for everyone else)
15 x strict hanging knee raise (no swinging)
250m row

15min AMRAP

Got 4 full rounds and was up to about 11 hanging knee raises in the 5th.

So 50 push-press, 71 hanging knee raise and a 1km row.  My rowing times were all around 1min.


Work in pairs to do 100 push-ups. So one person would hold a bar-hang (as it sounds - just hanging from an overhead bar) for as long as possible while the other did as many push-ups as possible in that time, when the bar person stopped you swapped over and kept going and repeated this until collectively you got up to 100 push-ups. We did pretty well I think, although we finished after all the boys, but they have giant arm muscles, so whatever.


2 x prolwer "runs" 20kg, up to the end of the gym and back (so 4 runs really)

Then 4 rounds of:

20 x ball taps
10 x lying straight leg raises (kind of like this, but we also have to lift our ass off the ground when our legs are at the top)

I say prowler "runs" because that wasn't running, it was a very slow version of hell! I was almost horizontal trying to get the thing to move at all and was putting all of my 75kg behind it and it was still fucking barely moving! The boys were also struggling, so I don't feel so retarded, although they were doing 40kg.

One of the trainers then made me do an extra prolwer run and a 20kg sled run as well. I wasn't impressed, he told me it was for my own good, but I think he's a sadist.

See, even superfit people from the Crossfit games struggle with the prowler

Other stuff

Not much else to report, I'm still really sore from the above workout. I'm annoyed that my knee is fucked and dreading how much it's going to cost to get it sorted out. I got my uni marks back and didn't totally mess up that last subject, so that's something I guess! I got an H2A, which is good enough to keep my average above 70%, which is what I need to get Masters, I still have 5 subjects to go though, so that's a long way off and I have plenty more chances to screw it up! Next semester is a boring-looking core subject and it's Wednesday evenings, which messes with my Crossfit routine, so I'm not very enthused about it, but it was the one that best fitted in with work and my trip in October.

I went to Lentil As Anything with the girls last night, which is a veggo restaurant where you pay what you think the food is worth, which is an interesting concept, but for me it's also kind of strange because you don't really know how much to put in. If I'd truly paid what I thought the food was worth I would have given them $5, but I gave them $10 because $5 seemed too stingy. I had the potato burger, which was just some kind of patty with two slices of wholemeal bread and a bit of salad. It was okay, but wasn't anything special and probably cost them about $2 to make in reality. The money apparently helps the community though, so it's worthwhile in that sense. 

Then I went home and ate crap out of the freezer, which was really dumb and I'm not sure what was going on, but it was some kind of emotional eating. Actually I think I know what the issue was, but it's a totally irrational issue and I should just get the fuck over it and stop over-thinking it. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Crossfit session 81 (Monday) and knee problems



Max handstand push-ups

10 x air squats

x 5

I didn't do the push-up part, but I did do the handstand part, woo! Finally, I don't feel like so much of a retard! One of the other girls also gave me a tip on how to kick up easier, so I'm already getting better at it too. The next step is trying out the push-up part, my Crossfit goal for this month is to get those down.

WOD - "John Runkle"

This is a hero workout in honour of John Runkle, a 27 year old soldier who was killed in Afghanistan last year. You can read about him here.

6 x deadlift (50kg)
7 x burpee
7 x chin-up (2 x orange bands)
10 x kettlebell swings (16kg)
200m run (rowing for me)

20min AMRAP

The burpees and chin-ups were actually supposed to be combined, however because I use bands you can't really combine them without lots of stopping and starting, so they were separated.

I got through 4 rounds, so 24 deadlifts, 28 burpees, 28 chins, 40 swings and 800m row.

Doesn't sound like much but I was buggered at the end.

WOD 2 

Alternating tabata of ball slams (15kg) and sit-ups (double-unders for everyone else).

So 20secs of ball slams, 10secs rest, 20 secs sit-ups, 10 secs rest, 20 secs ball slams 10 secs rest, 20 secs sit-ups etc. etc.  for 8mins total.



Max hanging knee raise holds x 3

Like this!

I think I got 20secs the first time, over 30 secs the second and about 25secs the third time. My hands were buggered from all the chins and KB swings so it was hard to stay up.

Knee problems

As part of my physio exercises for this week I had to test my knee by going for short runs, starting at 3 x 1min and working up to 3 x 10mins over the next two weeks. I completed the 1 min and 2 min runs over the weekend with no issues, so last night I was all excited about the 3 x 3min runs and set out in the dark (yes, I was still excited at this point) to run, it was all going fine until the second lot of the 3min runs, when my knee did exactly the same damn thing it had been doing before I went to the physio, boo :( So then I ended up ages away from home, having to walk all the way back and then it started raining too, I wasn't impressed. 

So, no more running for me again, which really sucks because I do miss it. I'll have to see what the physio says when I see him next week, he might end up referring me onto someone else, which would suck because I can't afford scans etc. at the moment. 


I've given up on Leangains again because I just can't eat the amount of food required without feeling horrible and it's also too expensive to buy that amount of food every week.  So I'm back to doing straight paleo, but I'm going to start counting calories again and really watch what I'm eating and also try to increase my exercise levels on days when I don't have Crossfit to see if I can shift some more weight. I've got 3 months til I go to the USA and I want to look fabulous! 

My last leangains meal, protein pancakes with banana, coconut milk and faux chocolate sauce

Dinner last night, cauliflower "fried rice" with prawns

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Crossfit session 80 (Friday) and handstand practice (aka being a 31 year old hyperactive child)


This is the first Crossfit session where I didn't actually feel completely buggered at the end of it, it was quite disappointing!


Max hand-stand hold
10 x air squats

x 5



Kettle-bell swings (16kg)
Ball Slams (15kg)

In between each round do 2 x prowler runs the length of the gym (although I wasn't dragging anything behind me like the guy in that video).

So 21 swings, 21 ball slams, 2 prowler, 15 swings, 15 ball slams, 2 prowler, 9 swings, 9 ball slams, 2 prowler.

The prowler things are really hard, I wasn't even doing it with any weight on it and could barely move it at the start, for some reason the floor at one end of the gym is really grippy and the thing just doesn't slide over it, which makes it really hard to get it going if you're at that end of the gym!


4 x Sandbag suicide relays the length of the gym (so run to various points and back in the gym whilst carrying a sandbag).

I'm not really allowed to run much at the moment, so I had to walk these, which was really dull! I think I would have been tired if I had been running like everyone else.


Medicine ball throws in pairs x 30 each.

So you lie backwards with your feet touching and one person taps the ball behind them and then crunches up  and taps the ball to each leg and then throws the ball at their partner who does the same. We only used the 6 pound ball and I think we really could have gone heavier cuz it was way too easy!


As part of my physio exercises for the next fortnight I have to build up my running time to see if my knee is getting better or whether the same problem occurs, so on Saturday morning Glenn and I went out (in between the rain showers) for a bit of a run. I had to do 8mins walking and 2 mins running repeated 3 times, so it wasn't really much exercise and I'm not sure if it was that and not being totally buggered from Crossfit on Friday, but I was like a hyperactive child afterwards!

I spent a lot of Saturday afternoon jumping around the house and annoying Glenn, however I did manage to do several handstands against the wall, which is something I've been too scared to actually try in front of everyone at Crossfit and as a consequence have been doing the retarded climbing up the wall backwards thing every time we've had to do handstand holds, which is totally lame. So now I know that I can actually do a handstand without falling on my head, I'll be doing it properly at Crossfit next time!


I made very delicious chicken pasta sauce the other night, based on this recipe from PaleOMG (one of my favourite paleo blogs).  Mine was a bit different because I just went with what I had in the house, so mine was with chicken breast instead of chicken sausages, mixed herbs for the seasoning and I added in some red capsicum and onion and served it over zucchini noodles. I never would have thought to use coconut milk instead of cream etc. in a pasta sauce, but it was divine! I think this will become a regular dinner at my place.


Finished! Looks gross but was delish!

My breakfast at work on Friday, I burnt my hand cooking the bacon :(