Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Crossfit session 88 (Tuesday) and cramps



10 x air squat
Max strict pull-ups (no kipping, red and orange bands)

x 5

For the pull-ups I got 10, 9, 7, 7,6.. I think.

2 x rope climb
12 x deadlift (40kg)
200m row

12min AMRAP

3 full rounds, up to rowing in 4th.

I was doing rope climb attempts (got halfway up!) and then doing 5 chin-ups with only a red band.. woo! Maybe doing chin-ups without bands isn't a complete dream after-all!


200m row sprint (running sprints for everyone else)
10 x strict hanging leg raises (strict = no swinging to help you get your legs up)
10 x lying knees to elbows (so, doing this movement while lying on your back on the floor holding onto a pole)

x 3

My goddamn toes kept cramping during the rows and the leg raises, so this took me ages.


I've been getting toe/feet cramps really regularly for the past few weeks, I'm not entirely sure what is causing it. My googling suggests that low levels of calcium, potassium or magnesium can cause cramps, but I know for me it can't be potassium because I'm on potassium-sparing diuretics for my blood pressure, so my body actually retains potassium and I'm not allowed to take potassium supplements or each too many foods containing potassium, so that leaves calcium or magnesium.

I've been taking calcium supplements because I've cut out dairy, but to be honest I don't take them every day, so will make sure I do. I bought some magnesium yesterday, but after doing some googling on the blood pressure medication I'm on, there is conflicting information that it can cause your body to retain magnesium and therefore magnesium supplements are not recommended, but then there was also information out there saying it could cause low magnesium levels! The same medication can also cause both hair loss and hair gain, so who the fuck knows. It's driving me crazy though, so I might just ask my doctor about it next time I'm in there, given the potential issues because of my medication.

I don't have any interesting photos for you today, so here is a photo of my breakfast, I've run out of all my normal breakfast accompaniments (spinach, mushroom and tomato), so I had to eat my eggs with broccoli and red capsicum instead, it wasn't so bad!

I've been really shit-house at sticking to my decision to be strict paleo and cut out sugar this week, I had some honey last night and the night before and have been mindlessly snacking in the evenings as well (only on chicken and almonds.. but still). I used to be able to stop myself and have some self control but currently it's not going so well! I'm going out for drinks tonight after work too, so that'll be a diet write-off.  At least I'm feeling good this week and not all depressed and crap like the last few, so I'm not really beating myself up about it.

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