Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Crossfit session 85 (Monday)


I was still sore from Saturday's "Filthy Fifty" on Monday, actually I was sore up until today, so this workout was a bit of a challenge and I almost wanted to cry when I saw the board because the workout looked a lot like the Filthy Fifty, but then we were told it was a parter workout, so it wasn't so bad!


Max handstand push-up (handstand hold for me)
10 x squats

x 5


In pairs do:

50 x chin-ups (25 each)
50 x wall balls / ball slams (12kg)  (25 each)
50 x double unders / 150 x single skips each (this was supposed to be 100 double-unders total but 3 normal skips = 1 double-under apparently)
100 x push-ups (50 each)
150 x sandbag squats / kettle-bell swings (16kg) (75 each)
75 x box jumps / 5 x prowler run there and back (10kg plates)
1.6km run / 3.6km (10min) stationary bike
2k row (1k each)

This was a bit complicated because there were movements I couldn't do (wall balls, double unders, squats, box jumps, running), so our workout was a bit different and required some coordination. Where there is a '/', I did the exercise on the right, while my partner did the regular exercise on the left. I had to do 5 prowler runs, which is really 10 because 1 counts as the length of the gym and back, these almost killed me, I could have very easily burst into tears after about the 4th run, but I didn't. 

I have no idea how long it took to do all this but it was a while, maybe 50mins, but we had some set up time in there and we had to keep checking what numbers we were supposed to be doing on the board, so it was less than that in reality.


I made my own almond butter on the weekend, now there is a dangerous skill to have! I can eat a whole jar in no time at all, so I will have to be very careful to not eat the whole bowl. It's so much cheaper than buying the jars though, even from the cheap nut place a jar is $5.50 (more like $7+ in the supermarket), however I got a massive bag of almonds from Aldi for less than $10 and used hardly any to make this bowl of nut butter!

Home-made almond butter.. a dangerous skill to have!

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