Sunday, 22 July 2012

Crossfit session 89 (Friday), hangovers and the weekend

Crossfit and hangovers

I was supposed to go to Crossfit on Thurs night to make up for not going Wednesday, but I was so hungover and tired from Wednesday that I just stayed in and sat on the couch and did some holiday planning. Total lazy-ass, but at least I got some holiday stuff done.

I bought a coconut juice on the way to work on Thursday in the hope that it would help my hangover because it's full of electrolytes, I think I felt a bit better afterwards but was still very hungover.  I think I'm getting old!

Mmm electrolytes


10 x leg swings
10 x squats

x 5


Supposed to be power-snatch to 5 rep max, but jumping aggravates my knee, so I did:

5 x behind-the-neck press (20kg)
5 x strict pull-up (2 x orange bands)

x 5

I did a few extra presses at the end because the others hadn't finished their power snatches.


The actual WOD contained all the exercises I can't do (squats, wall balls, box jumps), so mine was completely different. I did:

250m row
15 x kettlebell swing (16kg)
15 x ball slam (15kg)

16min AMRAP

I got through 4 full rounds and had done 8 ball slams in the 5th when the time was up, so a total of 75 swings, 68 ball slams and 1250m row.


Push-up practice, for people who can go chest to ground they were practising with weight plates on their backs, for me I was just practising chest to ground push-ups, I can do a few at a time at least!

I also did a 1min plank.

While all this was going on apparently there was an earthquake, totally didn't feel it!


Friday was good, I was 100% paleo the whole day, other than a glass or 2 of red wine in the evening. Saturday and Sunday were yet another diet write-off and when I say write-off I mean it! I ate chips, ice-cream, peanut butter m&ms, pizza, wedges and lollies.  

I really need to stop giving in to sugar and junk and just try and replace it with paleo-friendly alternatives,  like Meatza!,  so that I don't feel like I'm missing out when G is eating crap.  Or if we get takeaway, I can do what I did when I was doing the Whole30 and get one of the meat options with veggies instead of pizza. 

I made these paleo chicken "burgers" the other day (chicken thigh, bacon, pineapple, cheese and lettuce), inspired by a recipe my friend Julia posted, they were amazing and felt like a treat, so I'm definitely going to make these more often and will probably also try out different versions, maybe with beef. 

Paleo Hawaiian chicken burger

I know I keep saying this, but this week I am going to make a proper effort to be more strict, cut out sugar and also try and control my portion sizes, cuz they're way out of control and I think I'm getting pudgy. I have always been an over-eater, so it's really hard for me to judge what a reasonable portion is and my mechanism for feeling full just doesn't seem to work, so that makes it harder still to judge what I should be eating. My main problem is making food with enough for the next few days and then keeping on going back for 2nds, 3rds etc. I really need to just portion it up straight away and chuck it in the freezer so I can't keep going back to it. 

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