Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Crossfit session 81 (Monday) and knee problems



Max handstand push-ups

10 x air squats

x 5

I didn't do the push-up part, but I did do the handstand part, woo! Finally, I don't feel like so much of a retard! One of the other girls also gave me a tip on how to kick up easier, so I'm already getting better at it too. The next step is trying out the push-up part, my Crossfit goal for this month is to get those down.

WOD - "John Runkle"

This is a hero workout in honour of John Runkle, a 27 year old soldier who was killed in Afghanistan last year. You can read about him here.

6 x deadlift (50kg)
7 x burpee
7 x chin-up (2 x orange bands)
10 x kettlebell swings (16kg)
200m run (rowing for me)

20min AMRAP

The burpees and chin-ups were actually supposed to be combined, however because I use bands you can't really combine them without lots of stopping and starting, so they were separated.

I got through 4 rounds, so 24 deadlifts, 28 burpees, 28 chins, 40 swings and 800m row.

Doesn't sound like much but I was buggered at the end.

WOD 2 

Alternating tabata of ball slams (15kg) and sit-ups (double-unders for everyone else).

So 20secs of ball slams, 10secs rest, 20 secs sit-ups, 10 secs rest, 20 secs ball slams 10 secs rest, 20 secs sit-ups etc. etc.  for 8mins total.



Max hanging knee raise holds x 3

Like this!

I think I got 20secs the first time, over 30 secs the second and about 25secs the third time. My hands were buggered from all the chins and KB swings so it was hard to stay up.

Knee problems

As part of my physio exercises for this week I had to test my knee by going for short runs, starting at 3 x 1min and working up to 3 x 10mins over the next two weeks. I completed the 1 min and 2 min runs over the weekend with no issues, so last night I was all excited about the 3 x 3min runs and set out in the dark (yes, I was still excited at this point) to run, it was all going fine until the second lot of the 3min runs, when my knee did exactly the same damn thing it had been doing before I went to the physio, boo :( So then I ended up ages away from home, having to walk all the way back and then it started raining too, I wasn't impressed. 

So, no more running for me again, which really sucks because I do miss it. I'll have to see what the physio says when I see him next week, he might end up referring me onto someone else, which would suck because I can't afford scans etc. at the moment. 


I've given up on Leangains again because I just can't eat the amount of food required without feeling horrible and it's also too expensive to buy that amount of food every week.  So I'm back to doing straight paleo, but I'm going to start counting calories again and really watch what I'm eating and also try to increase my exercise levels on days when I don't have Crossfit to see if I can shift some more weight. I've got 3 months til I go to the USA and I want to look fabulous! 

My last leangains meal, protein pancakes with banana, coconut milk and faux chocolate sauce

Dinner last night, cauliflower "fried rice" with prawns

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