Sunday, 8 July 2012

Crossfit session 84 (Saturday)

I spent the night over my side of town for once on Friday, which meant I had no excuse not to go to Crossfit on Saturday morning, I also suck at sleeping in these days, so I was awake before 8am anyway.


10 x stick roll
10 x push-ups

x 5


"Filthy Fifty"

A named workout.. good way to start a Saturday!

50 x Box jumps (20kg weighted box step up for me)
50 x Chin-ups (orange and red bands)
50 x Kettle-bell swings (16kg)
50 x Walking lunges (50 more KB swings for me!)
50 x Knees to elbows
50 x Push-press (20kg)
50 x Back extensions
50 x Wall balls (12kg ball slams for me)
50 x Burpees (except we're not allowed to do the push-up on our knees as she does in this video!)
50 x Double-unders (150 normal skips for me)

I completed in 42mins 13sec, I only got that time thanks to one of the trainers who came over and coached me through the last of the burpees, I was struggling with them, everything was sore at that point!

My last time was 46mins something, so I beat that, woo! I also was doing heavier KB swings and less bands for chin-ups, so that's good. It's not directly comparable though because I was doing slightly different exercises for some of it.

It's a bitch of a workout, that's for sure! Afterwards I went home, foam-rolled as much of my body as possible and then ate sweet potato chips and some bolognaise sauce, soo good.

Sweet potato chips

Today I am so sore, pretty much every single muscle in my body is sore, so it was clearly a fully body workout yesterday. The soreness didn't stop me from practicing some handstands in the lounge room this afternoon though, I'm kind of addicted to them, they're so much fun! I wish I'd been less of a wuss and tried them earlier. Next step is to nail the handstand push-up.. here's another video of handstand push-up progression, this chick has an amazing body!

Sexy white belly, oh yeah

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