Sunday, 8 July 2012

Crossfit session 83 (Friday)


I have completely forgotten!


100 x power clean (25kg)
Every 3mins do a suicide run, or a prowler run to the end of the gym and back in my case (no added weight on the prowler).

So you did as many power cleans as you could in the first 3 mins and then you did the run and once you'd finished the run you spent the rest of the 3mins doing power cleans and then when 3mins was up you ran again. So if you spent ages running, you'd get hardly any power cleans done before another 3mins was up and you had to run again.

It took 14mins something for me to finish, it was kind of brutal, 100 power cleans is a lot! This is what my shins look like the next day, clearly I was keeping the bar VERY close to my legs!

Sexy bruised shins

5 rounds of:

20 x ball slams 
20 x sit-ups
1 x wall climb

I started with a 15kg ball for the ball slams but swapped to 12kg because it was just way too heavy after the power cleans. We actually did this workout in pairs, so one person would do a round while the other rested and then we'd swap, but everyone had to do 5 rounds each. So it was a total of 100 ball slams, 100 sit ups and 5 wall climbs. Fun!

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