Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Crossfit (Thurs, Fri, Tues, Thurs), random food addiction and the trip


I went to 4 Crossfit sessions last week, first time ever I think! I wasn't that sore either, so maybe I'll have to aim to do that more often.



25 x double unders
10 x full clean (25kg)
500m row

x 3

Doesn't sound long but it was a struggle. I suck at double-unders, so that took up most of my time and squats make me want to cry, so I'm very glad it was only 3 rounds!

Finished in 22mins 8 secs.


1 x 40kg sled pull the length of the gym and back
20 x lunges
1min plank

This was supposed to be x 4 but I only had time to do 2 rounds before I had to rush off to get ready for work.



10 - 1

Push-Jerk (30kg!)
Back squat (30kg)

So 10 of each, 9 of each, 8 of each etc. until you're down to 1 of each. 55 reps of each total

I went up in weight for push-jerks, not sure if that was a good idea or not, it was hard but I got through it, so I guess maybe it was!


A partner workout, 1 person rows 300m while the other does sit-ups until they finish and then you swap, each person rows 3 times and you score the sit-ups as a team. I was with a guy and we got 193 sit-ups, woo!

Tuesday (this week)

Thankfully this was a pretty easy session. I was considering not going but I'm glad I did.

WOD 1 

5 x deadlift (50kg)
10 x burpee

x 5 rounds

My time was 6mins 55seconds, apparently the record is 2mins 56 seconds.. NFI how the hell you'd get out 50 burpees in that time!


15 x pushups (chest to ground, using bands)
1 x rope climb

12min AMRAP

I got through 5 full rounds, still can't do rope climbs.

Thursday (this week)


This was supposed to be a partner version of the "Kelly" workout, but there were only 3 of us, so we just did it individually.

400m row (run for the others)
30 x wall ball (6 pound ball)
30 x box jump (baby box)

30min AMRAP.

Actual "Kelly" is 5 rounds in however long it takes you. I had a look in my book and I last did it in April and it took me 37mins something to do the 5 rounds. For this AMRAP I did 4 full rounds and had done 27 wall-balls in the 5th round when the 30mins was up, so I would have definitely smashed my time if it had been normal "Kelly".

To finish

1 min max kettlebell swings (16kg)
1 min rest

x 5

I was tired so I never got through the full minute, I think I could have toughed it our really but my mental energy just wasn't there to fight the urge to stop, so for each round I got roughly 19 swings out.

Everything else

Next week is my last week of Crossfit before 4 weeks off, I'm a bit worried about how much condition I'll lose, but I am aiming to do hotel WODs at least, if not trying to get to an actual Crossfit box while I'm away. I have downloaded a few WOD apps to help me out and I will also write a list of some WODs I can do with minimal or no equipment. I will take a skipping rope too so that I can do double-unders too for some quick cardio.

I am also really worried about how I'm going to go with my eating, I definitely want to try a bunch of food places and food we can't get over here.. but at the same time I don't want to go crazy and put on 5kg, which is highly possible for me! There was a great post on Robb Wolf's blog today with this great quote -  "If you can't turn it off, don't turn it on!", basically, if you have a trigger food, don't even go there at all cuz you won't be able to stop once you start. I have written it on a post-it and stuck it to my desk, but I might need to tattoo it to my hand while I'm away.

Bread is definitely one of my triggers and something that I need to learn to steer well clear of, because once I start, I really cannot stop. Bread is also something that we get here, so there's no need for me to eat it while I'm away and from what I've heard, it's a lot easier to get things like burgers etc. wrapped in lettuce or on salad in the USA, so I won't need to eat it. Free bread baskets at restaurants and also toast at hotel breakfasts might be a challenge, but hopefully they'll have eggs in the hotel and we can say no to the free bread.

There is one food that I am currently completely addicted to that I won't be giving up any time soon.. Aldi tinned mackerel. Yes.. I am addicted to tinned mackerel.  I eat it as a snack in the afternoons and it's pretty much the highlight of my day, I look forward to it even more than lunch. I know it's in "vegetable" oil, which is bad, but I really don't care, it is so delicious and does actually stop me from needing to eat anything until dinner at 8:30 or 9pm, so it's one addiction I'm not breaking!

I love you Aldi mackerel

The other thing we'll probably be doing a lot of while we're away is drinking, hopefully not quite to the excess that happened last Saturday, but I'm certainly not going to be shying away from cocktails in Vegas or champagne in NYC!

Messy night in the making

For part of our accommodation we'll have a little kitchenette thing, I think it only has a microwave and a fridge, but you can plenty of food in the microwave, including bacon and eggs, so hopefully we won't need to eat every meal out.

Delicious breakfast and totally microwaveable!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Friday, Monday, Tuesday Crossfit, long socks and nut heaven

I'm so behind on posting all these, sorry for everyone who hates my boring Crossfit posts, there's some food stuff down the bottom if that's more your thing!



5 x push-up
10 x air squat


800m row (run)

Then 8 rounds of:

10 x wall ball
10 x dips

Then another 800m row.

I finished in 20mins something. I thought it'd be a struggle because I haven't done wall balls in ages, but it wasn't too bad actually. I was also worried that the dips would aggravate my elbow, which has been sore, but it was alright, so good all around!


3 x 8 floor press (25kg, coulda gone to 30 I thiiiink.. not sure though because the last two of each set were a struggle and if you fail doing those then you pretty much squash your self under the bar, unless your spotter does a good job!).

5 x 12 barbell row (only got time to do 4 rounds, 1 @ 30kg and the rest at 25kg)


Oooh yeah, hero workout for a Monday! Good way to ruin yourself for the rest of the week!


15 x kettle-bell swings (16kg)
15 x power clean (30kg)
15 x box jump (small box)

x 7

So, 105 of each!  I RXed it (weights as prescribed by, except for the box jumps cuz I'm back on the baby box.  Pretty pleased that I've finally gone up in weight on the power cleans, it's taken a while.

My time was 29mins 37 seconds.

Then we had to do some torturous achilles tendon "massage" using kettle bells.

This is the result of doing those 105 power cleans:

Bruises are sexy right?

I think I'm going to have to buy into that whole long socks thing that all the good Crossfitters do. Then maybe I'll look more this:

Annie Thorisdottir -  the most badass chick in the world and  2 x Crossfit games champ (source)



10 - 1 Handstand push-ups
15 x double-unders between each set (30 for ppl who don't suck at them)

So 10 HSPU, 15 D/U, 9 HSPU, 15 D/U etc. etc. until you get to 1 HSPU.

I did all my handstand push-up sets unbroken, so I will have to try and go down an ab mat next time.

Took just over 17mins I think, most of that was spent failing the double-unders. I think I'll buy a speed rope, that seems to help everyone else.

WOD 2 

There was a choice of some push-press workout or a rowing workout. I went with rowing, which was completely contrary to my usual choice, because my shoulders were completely dead from Monday still.

The rowing workout was:

500m row
1min rest

x 4

FUN! My hamstrings and ass were really tight from Monday as well, so this was a struggle. Not sure how long it took, but it takes me about 2:07-2:10 to row 500m if I'm doing multiple rounds, so it would have been just under 15mins including the rest breaks.


The diet is going well, other than some serious ice-cream eating on the weekend, luckily the tub wasn't very big. Geez that ice-cream is amazing though. Will have to steer clear of the freezer section for the next few weeks. Glenn asked me when I was eating it why I never smiled like that for him! Hah!

Sooooo gooood, better than sex.. I'm kind of not joking (source)

On Tuesday I went to the dentist, which just happens to be conveniently located near The Royal Nut Company, which is seriously nut and dried fruit heaven, so I stocked up. There is also a factory store in Brunswick, which is also great. They have these giant tubs of almond butter, which I've always managed to resist buying, but one day, they will be mine!  I did buy a small jar though, but that is getting seriously rationed, usually I consume it within a week.

I'm kind of regretting buying 1kg of dates though ($5!!!), I haven't had them in the house for aaages cuz dates are like candy, 5 of them has 20g carbs, which is almost half my daily carb intake, but for $5 I couldn't resist. I think they'll be going to the dark recesses of the cupboard and I'll have to ration them out for myself.