Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Crossfit session 67 and chicken, chicken and more chicken


I'm not enjoying doing different stuff to everyone else, it's way more fun to all be doing the same things and then  you can complain about them afterwards! I didn't really realise how important the group aspect of it was but being stuck over doing biking while everyone is throwing balls at a wall is quite dull!


15 x stick roll
10 x tricep dip

x 5


Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes do 5 strict overhead presses and then fill the rest of the minute with as many sit-ups as possible, so there was no rest in the 12mins.

Everyone else was doing push-jerks (which is one of my favourite lifts) and then double-unders for the remaining time. I'm not sad about missing out on double-unders, but far out do I have some ass crack rash going on now, it hurts just sitting here at my desk!

For presses I used 7kg dumbells and it was a total of 60 presses and I did between 10 and 25 situps every round, so I would have got well over 100 situps in the 12 mins.


Everyone else was doing a 1.6km run and then an AMRAP of wall balls and overhead push-presses for the remaining time in 17mins, lucky me got to ride the exercise bike - 1min easy, 1min hard effort for 17mins. It was dull, but I did end up sweating a lot so I guess it was doing something, also my leg muscles were burning at the end, so it was probably good to help strengthen my hamstrings etc.

In the 17mins I rode 7.14km.

Winning at shopping

I've been needing some new workout clothes for a very long time, mine are horrible and old and ratty, but I'm also on a fairly tight budget at the moment so it hasn't been high on the priority list. I decided the other day though that it really was time to replace them, so I went to Target to try some on. Geez were they horrific! I've bought workout gear from Target in the past and it's been fine, but who ever is designing it now needs to be shot, you could see every ounce of cellulite in my legs and they were just so incredibly unflattering. No wonder there is an obesity epidemic if people have to wear that crap, I wouldn't be seen anywhere in it!

So then the next lunch-time I tried my luck at Rebel Sport and searched through the racks for something that was under $60, no luck.. until I was walking out and they had just put a sale rack out near the registers, I rummaged through and got two pairs of really good quality Puma and Addias 3/4 pants for $20!!! If there had been more I would have bought them, I wore the Puma pair last night and they're so comfy. Win!

Bargain pants!

Endless chicken

For the past couple of days I've been doing leangains, which is basically a 14-16hr fast combined with macro-nutrient cycling that changes depending on whether you're working out that day or not, you can use it to bulk up or lean out, obviously I'm going for the leaning out. It's kind of hard work, you have to weigh everything and make sure your fat/protein/carb ratios are right, so you have to plan what you're going to eat every day. I'm sure after you've done it for a while you won't need to weigh things any more because you'll get a feel for it, but right now it's kind of annoying. I am going to stick to it for the next two weeks, however, just until S&S to try and lose a bit more fat before I have to go wandering around in something skimpy, I'll reassess it at the end of the two weeks to see if I want to keep doing it or not.

The other thing about it is that it's kind of expensive, I have to eat 165g of protein a day.. which is about 800g meat/fish, which adds up!  It also means I'm eating a lot of chicken breast, because on workout days you have to eat minimal amounts of fat, whilst still getting 165g protein, and one of the best ways to do that is good old chicken breast. Egg whites is another way, but I didn't have any in the house for the past two days, I bought some last night, so that'll be on the menu for tomorrow I think. 

Workout days are also crazy in that I have to eat about 200g carbs, which is waaaay more than I usually eat, and because I'm paleo, it means a LOT of sweet potato. Usually I eat half a sweet potato after Crossfit, but last night I had to eat 800g of sweet potato, which is about two medium ones, I was so incredibly full afterwards. 

So it's a lot of work, but there are lots of success stories about it on the internet so I'll give it a shot, check out this success story, it's an amazing transformation!

First meal yesterday

Second meal yesterday

Mm various protein

Monday, 28 May 2012

Crossfit 66 (the next 8 weeks is going to be dull) and Leangains


Bah, tonight was the first Crossfit session where I haven't been able to squat/jump/lunge/run etc. If you know what Crossfit is like then you know that it will pretty much cut out half the damn exercises! I think the next 8 weeks is going to be tedious.. maybe I'll end up with awesome arms and abs instead though.


It was supposed to be overhead squats and handstands, so I got a 1km row and handstands.


It was overhead squats for everyone else, so I got to do kettlebell swings to halfway and then back extensions, both of which work your hips and hamstrings, so the aim was to help strengthen that area up.

For the kettlebells I did:

10 x 16kg
10 x 16kg
10 x 16kg
10 x 20kg
10 x 20kg
10 x 20kg
10 x 20kg

Or something like that, I wasn't really counting. For back extensions it was about 6 rounds of 10 reps.


It was supposed to be power-snatches, chin-ups and double unders.. so I got chin-ups, sit-ups and rowing.

7 x chin-up (Blue and yellow band.. woo!)
14 x sit-up (got some good ass crack rash happening now)
250m row

20min AMRAP

I really don't know how many rounds I got through, probably around 5 or 6 rounds I think,  but I totally lost count and it didn't help that I had to do things a bit out of order due to a chin-up band shortage.

If I did 5 rounds then that's 35 chin-ups, 70 sit-ups, 1250m row.

To finish

30 x medicine ball taps
10 x leg raises

x 4 (I only did 3 rounds cuz I'd already been doing abs)

Then I went home and did some of the physio exercises and used my new torture device:

How awesome is our rug?


A while back I was experimenting with leangains, which is a way to do intermittent fasting, but I got off track and gave up on it. Now I've decided to give it another shot because it does work and it's really not that hard to stick to, once you're in the habit. It also saves you time because you don't need to worry about breakfast, for example, today I got to work at 7:55am!! Crazy! It does mean no more eating things like this for breakfast though, unless I can work out how to bring it to work and eat it there after the fast (smoothie with protein powder, spinach, berries, coconut cream/milk, cinnamon, coffee and water):

To do Leangains properly you have to work out a bunch of numbers, including the macro-nutrient ratios you need to eat on workout and rest days. This is the part that takes a bit of time and experimentation, but there is a good calculator to put everything into, but it still takes some reading of forums and FAQs to really get it.

So I'm going to give it a shot at least until S&S (which is now only 2 or 3 weeks away.. eek!) and see how I go with it.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Crossfit session 65 (Friday) and the physio


Amazingly I got up at 6:10am on Friday and dragged my ass to the 7am Crossfit class and it wasn't so bad! There was only 4 of us in the class too which was good, sometimes it can be bad if it's a small group and you're the least fit and everyone else finishes miles in front of you but this was a timed AMRAP workout so everyone finished at the same time.


10 x dips
5 x strict chin-ups

x 3-5

I went down a band on chin-ups! WOOT! Now I'm only using blue and a very thin yellow one.


Push-jerk to 3 x 6 rep max (

That's 18 push-jerks per weight, which is a lot, so I didn't go up very far. I started at 20kg and then went to 25kg and that was enough.


This workout was brutal, especially after all the push-jerks. I only used 20kg in the end because my shoulders were already fatigued.

5 x push-press (
5 x back squat (
1 x behind the head push-press (
1 x wall-climb with push-up at the start ( I suck at these!

5min AMRAP, 2min rest (So get through the above sequence as many times as possible in 5mins)

x 5, so 25mins total workout time

Although because it was such a long workout we only got through 4 of the rounds before it was 8am and people had to get to work.

I think I did 3 rounds of the workout in the first 2 rounds and then was up to the behind the head push-press in the 2nd round for the last 2 rounds.


I finally made an appointment to see someone about my knee and had my appointment today, luckily he said he doubted I would need surgery or anything and it should be right in about 8 weeks. He thinks the issue is tight/weak hips, which is causing other areas of my legs to have to do all the work and also pulling my patella off track, which is causing all the issues when I'm running. So I have to do exercises to strengthen my hips and go back and see him in a fortnight to see how it's going.

The downside is that I'm not allowed to squat, jump, lunge, run or step up, so lots of Crossfit exercises are out, which is going to be really dull and mean I'll be getting a super strong upper body for the next couple of weeks! Oh well, I just want to be able to run again, so I'll be good and do all my exercises and avoid all the above. I also have to foam roll my hip, which is okay because I had already ordered a foam roller about a week ago to see if that would help loosen things up. They're total torture devices but everyone swears by them so I'll just have to bear it!


Glenn was awesome this weekend and was totally up for eating paleo, which made it a lot easier to stick to my 80% rule. We did eat some junk at the cinemas and then the left over junk on Sunday but all our main meals were paleo, or close enough to it.

The one thing I'm having trouble with at the moment is bingeing.. it is on paleo food but it does mean I'm eating way too much generally and I feel like I'm getting pudgier around the middle, which ain't so good with S&S coming up! I really need to get on top of it, so I'm going to try and track what I eat and see if that helps. I might also put notes to myself on the fridge and cupboards to see if that helps me stay out of them!

Here's some good motivation that was up on our Crossfit's website today, maybe I should stick this to the fridge!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Crossfit session 63 - curse of the double-unders

Woo 2 Crossfit sessions so far this week, that beats last week's effort! I'm also going to try and get to the 7am class tomorrow morning too, although I've said that tons of times and never do, so we'll see!


5 x inch worm
15 x sit-up

x 3


Deadlifts to 5 rep max

5 x 30kg
5 x 40kg
5 x 50kg
5 x 60kg
5 x 65kg
5 x 70kg

I wanted to stop at 65kg but ended up getting convinced to try 70kg, which was actually my 5 rep max last time, but for some reason it felt really heavy today! I guess because I haven't been going regularly in the last few weeks. My reps at 70 were rubbish and they wanted me to have another go at it but I wasn't having any of that, I was done with them!


10 x sumo deadlift high-pull (
20 x wall ball
25 x double-unders (

17min AMRAP

I've never done sumo-deadlift high-pulls before, they looked scary when we were being shown, but they were actually kind of fun, in a weird way!  I used 25kg because I wasn't sure how hard they'd be, I could probably have gone to 30, although I'm not sure my technique was that great.

I only got 2 full rounds done! It was all because of the goddamn double-unders, some days they work, some days they don't and today was one of those days. Oh well.

I finally made an appointment with a physio for tomorrow, so I'll see what he says about my knee, I really have no idea what to expect or what he'll recommend. Hopefully I can keep doing Crossfit and just cut out squats or something for a while until it's sorted. I'm a bit scared about how much it's going to cost me if I have to keep going back. It's really annoying, something like this always comes up when I'm trying to get my finances under control.  I know it's worth sorting it out, but it does mean I'll have to take my post-it note off my credit card :(.

On another note, this stuff is EVIL! I could eat the whole block by myself no worries and they are huge blocks! Sue and I demolished one in Perth quite easily. It's pretty much the opposite of paleo too!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Crossfit session 62 - doing Cindy, a trip to Perth and money


Woo, first Crossfit session in a week and it was a named workout, luckily not a hero workout though. We got to do 'Cindy', which is one of the benchmark workouts and also one I've never actually done before.


15 x leg swings each side
10 x stick rolls

x 5


5 x pull up
10 x push-up
15 x air squat

20min AMRAP

Apparently the record in our gym is 24 rounds, which was by the owner of the gym. My aim was to do 10 rounds and I succeeded! I got up to the squats in the 11th round.

So in total..

55 pull ups, 110 push-ups,  150 air squats, fun!

My knee was feeling a bit dodgy after all the squats, so I'm going to have to get off my ass and actually call a physio and get it looked at instead of procrastinating about it.

I was trying to find a video of a Cindy workout to post, but all the ones on the internet have dreadful technique! None of it would fly in our gym, they'd be getting 'no rep' yelled at them all the time! They were quite strict with the technique tonight as well, lots of people were getting no reps, mostly for the push-ups.

To finish

In pairs row as fast as you can for 1 min, then swap with your partner.. repeat 4 times. So each person rows for 1 min then has 1 min rest, 4 times. I only got around 235 metres every time, which was crap considering the aim for girls was 260m in a minute.

I'm going back tomorrow for more punishment.

Now onto other fun stuff, like Perth!


On the weekend I went to Perth for 4 days and stayed with some very non-paleo friends, which of course led to me eating junk all weekend. My boyfriend is not paleo either, so I do tend to eat a lot of non-paleo food on the weekend with no real issues other than feeling like a failure, this time however, I definitely noticed a difference in the way my stomach was behaving after eating all the junk.

This is probably going to be way TMI, but I was seriously going to the bathroom 5+ times a day, which is ridiculous! I'm usually a once a day kinda girl and that is fine with me, 5+ times a day, when staying at other peoples houses is just not on! My stomach was also feeling heavy and bloated all weekend too. At the time it was annoying, but now I'm actually kind of glad because it has shown me that eating paleo does actually make a difference in the way I feel, I'm not just imagining it! Plus I get to eat breakfasts like this:

So hopefully next time I'm considering eating junk all weekend I'll remember how I felt in Perth and make better choices. One day hopefully I'll be able to just say no to all the junk and not even be tempted at all, but that's a way off yet.

We did spend one lunch-time demolishing seafood though!


I have to rein in my spending habits again, I really want to pay off my credit card ASAP but I keep putting more crap on it all the time so it's always 1 step forwards, 2 steps back. Glenn and I want to go to the USA this year as well, so I need to be able to save for that too. Hopefully I won't lose my job with all the government cuts cuz that'll just screw everything up. 

This is my latest drastic measure to curb my credit card habit, a sticky note attached to the credit card and the credit card placed in the hardest to reach spot in my wallet. I'm too paranoid about accidents etc. to just leave it at home, so this is the next best thing I've come up with!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Crossfit session 61 and Prince

I've been kind of slack this week.. however I had a good excuse for not going on Monday.. PRINCE! He was phenomenal! Well worth the wait and if I had the money I would have seen him again last night too. He's just such a good showman, he had the entire (sold out) crowd at Rod Laver arena dancing and clapping and singing, it was the best concert I've been to and we had good seats as well. For a 53 year old guy, he's still got it! I've kind of got my 12 year old self's crush back! Pity he's all religious now and not singing about all the ways he could have his way with you, I'd still do him though!

So anyway, now that I've had a cold shower.. I'm off to Perth tomorrow, so I'll miss Crossfit on Friday as well and will probably eat heaps of crap and drink a ton of booze (going on a Swan River winery tour for one!), but I'll just have to get back on track next week. I'm going to try and go to Crossfit tomorrow morning at 7am, although that will involve getting up before 6:30am.. which I'm not very good at.  It's only 4 weeks til S&S and until my boyfriend is going to make me wear something tight and skimpy though, so that's pretty good motivation! 

I did go to Crossfit tonight though and luckily it wasn't too bad. 


10 x stick roll

5 Rounds


3 x 6reps for power clean (

In between each set do 10 dips.

I only did 25kg because my form was a bit rubbish, I wasn't sticking my butt out enough apparently.


1km row (4min 18 sec)

Then a 20min AMRAP of:

8 x deadlift (40kg)
8 x push-up
8 x pull-up

I got through 6 full rounds and only had 2 pull-ups to go in the 7th round before the buzzer went. Boo!

Still it was 56 deadlifts, 56 push-ups and 54 pull-ups.

Then to finish we had to do some ab exercises, which I struggled with for some reason, maybe because I haven't had to use my abs for anything for ages so they're weak and pudgy!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Crossfit session 60 (Thurs)


15 x overhead squats with a stick
10 x stick shoulder rolls

x 5

WOD 1 

12 x overhead squat (training bar!)
12 x box jump (medium box, woo!)

12min AMRAP

Overhead squats are my least favourite of all Crossfit lifts, because I suck at squats and doubly so when I have to try and keep a bar above my head! I just used a training bar with no weight on it, I think those things weigh less than 10kg but I can't remember exactly what they are.

It wasn't such a bad workout really, I'm really glad I didn't use much weight though because there was one round where I almost got teary (Only happens with squats! What is with that?) but pulled through.

As usual I got lots of corrections from the trainers about my squats and one of them said he could feel his hamstrings tearing every time I squatted (as in, geez your hamstrings are tight), I can't argue with him, there is definitely something crazy going on with my leg muscles, I've decided to buy one of those torture devices foam rollers and use it every day and see if that helps.

I'm not really sure how many rounds I got through, maybe 4 full and then was up to the 5th squat in the 5th round?

WOD 2 

In pairs do:

Person A: 400m row
Person B: 1 x rope climb, 10 x kettlebell swings

12 min AMRAP

So person A had to row 400m and while they were doing that, person B had to do as many rounds of rope climbs and KB swings as possible.

I think we got through 3 rounds each! I still suck at rope climbs, although I did get halfway up which was cool, totally bruised the crap out of my shin though! I need thicker socks.

Then after all that we had to work in groups and practice handstands, so one person does a hand-stand and the other two people hold their legs and gradually let go and see if the person can balance and not fall down. Apparently I hold my form really straight, but as soon as my partners let go of my legs I wobble and fall. I'm getting there though, I should practice against a wall at home or something, although we have floorboards.. not so comfy if I go splat!

Maybe I should practice on the beach!

Crossfit session 59 (Wednesday), some weightloss progress and general challenge stuff


I think the warm-up was almost as brutal as a WOD, but maybe it was because I hadn't been in a while.

15 x dip
10 x strict pull-up (no kipping)

x 5

That's a lot of dips and pull-ups!! It took so long (waiting for the dip thingy) that I only finished 4 rounds before my class started.


Push-jerk to 3 x 6 reps

6 x 20kg
6 x 25kg
6 x 30kg
6 x 30kg

We didn't get to do our 3rd round of 6 at 30kg because we were working in 3's and it just took too long.


10 x dumbbell push-press (7kg dumbbells)
20 x air-squat
20 x double unders

20min AMRAP

Because of my retardedness at double-unders I only got through 3 full rounds and was on something like 16 double unders in the 4th round.


Sled pull - 20kg
10x hanging knee raise

1-5 rounds

I only did 2 rounds, there was quite a big group so it took ages as there was only 1 sled as well. Oh well!

Sled pulls are fun!


I went to the doctor today and he weighed me and I was 73kg! That is the lightest I've been since I started weighing myself. I weighed myself at home and was 73.9kg, so I'll see what it is next week again on my scales and use that. I'm pretty pleased with that.

I also bought some size 12 jeans from the Salvos yesterday, but they're Just Jeans ones which I'm pretty sure are for larger people or something cuz they're quite stretchy, so I wouldn't count them as a real 12.. still, it's progress!

Nerd Fitness Challenge

One of my goals is to stick to paleo at least 80% of the time, which I've probably been pretty much doing already, but I want to keep track and see just how many cheat meals I am having a week.

I've worked out that depending on how many "meals" (snacks also count) I eat on the weekend, I can have around 4 or 5 cheat meals per week, which is quite a good number! I usually eat 4 meals every day during the week (3 main meals and an afternoon snack) and a random number of meals on the weekend, somewhere between 2 and 4 per day.

So far this week I haven't had any cheat meals, which is great because I'm going out for dinner tonight and having dinner with my Dad on Saturday, which also leaves two meals for Sunday for when I'm hanging with the very non-paleo boy.  I'm not counting alcohol here though, if I eat a paleo meal and have some alcohol with it, that's still counted as paleo in my book, I'm not that strict!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Crossfit session 58 (Friday) and pre-challenge photos and measurements


10 x dips
15 x leg swing each leg

x 5 rounds


Rope climb practice, I got halfway up the rope, woo!


10 x push-up
1 x rope climb attempt
7 x pull-ups
15 x kettlbell swings (16kg)
30 x double unders (or 60 normal skips)

x 5 rounds

Then handstand practice and 2 rounds of 15 back extensions.

Nerd Fitness Challenge Goals etc.

Just to re-cap, my goals for the next 6 weeks are:

1.) Go to Crossfit at least 3 times a week
2.) Eat paleo 80% of the time (no more weekend-long non-palo junk binges)
3.) Lose 5cm from waist measurements
4.) General life goal of doing at least 30mins uni work a day

Well I have to say I'm not doing so well at any of these so far!

1.) I was slack yesterday and didn't go to Crossfit because I got the flu-shot and was generally just really tired, so I was supposed to go tonight instead, but after I got home from uni it was already 7pm so I would have had to go to the 8pm class, which I decided was really too late because I wouldn't get home til almost 9:30 and would then only have an hour or so before bed. I will go tomorrow and Thursday though! Friday I'm going out for dinner, so unless I can get there in the morning then it's not going to happen. I might try and do 4 days next week to make up for it.

2.) I did well on the weekend and only had one day where I ate non-paleo things. The last two days have been okay paleo-wise, but I've been feeling like eating sweets in the evening, which I need to get on top of cuz it's a slippery slope! I maaay have made paleo pancakes last night.. totally not worth it, the only good thing about them was the honey, which I ate too much of anyway.

3.) Too early to say how this is going, but if goals 1 and 2 get sorted out then I should be okay.

4.) Totally failing this goal, except for tonight! I just realised my next assignment is due in four weeks so I'd better get cracking.

My main aim of this 6 week challenge is to lose cms/fat before Saints and Sinners in June and hopefully get back to, or below, my measurements from when I completed my Whole30 (super strict 30 days of paleo) back at the start of March 2012. As you'll see from the measurements below, whilst my weight hasn't gone up, my waist measurements have.

Anyway, here are my before measurements and photos for the current challenge:

3rd May 2012

Weight: 74.7kg (same as at the end of Whole30)
Waist measurement 5cm above belly button: 81cm (2cm above end of Whole30 measurements)
Waist measurement at belly button: 91cm (5cm above end of Whole30 measurements)
Waist measurement 5cm below belly button: 94cm (same as end of Whole30 measurements)

May 3rd - Excuse the look, this was before 7am

May 3rd - Side view

Here are the photos from the end of my Whole30 for comparison (1st March 2012)

After Whole30 - March 2012

After Whole30 - March 2012 side view

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Crossfit session 57 and the Nerd Fitness challenge

I was a bit worried about going to Crossfit tonight because I hadn't been for a week so I was feeling a bit weak, but tonight was fun!

We got to do deadlifts to our 5 rep, 3 rep and 1 rep maxes, what that means is lifting until you find a weight where you couldn't do more than 5 reps at a time and then going heavier until you get to the weight you could do 3 reps of and then finally your 1 rep max. Tonight for the first time ever I lifted above my own body weight! That's been one of my goals at Crossfit so I'm pretty pleased! The lift wasn't the greatest, but I got it up there and don't think I fucked my back, so all good! I also lifted heavier in my 5 rep max than I had before.


5 x inch worm
max handstand hold (hand stand push-up for people who can do them)

x 5



10 x 30kg
5 x 40kg
5 x 50kg
5 x 55kg
5 x 60kg
5 x 65kg
5 x 70kg
3 x 75kg
1 x 80kg
1 x 80kg


10 x push-jerk (25kg)
10 x overhead lunge per leg (5kg plate)
15 x sit-up
7 x burpee

15min AMRAP

I got 3 full rounds and then up to the first lunge of the 4th round. I was having wrist trouble with the push-jerks so I never got through a set of them unbroken.


I have joined the Nerd Fitness 6 week challenge, it's basically a combination of roleplaying and goal achievement and is perfect timing for me because I was just about to start a pre-Saints and Sinners get-into-shape program anyway, which I do every time with mixed results. By doing it on Nerd Fitness though, I have a whole community of people to be accountable to, and it's kind of  a game, so it's more fun.

The way it works is you have to set 4 goals - 3 diet and exercise goals and 1 general life goal and then create a character and over the 6 weeks you have to work towards your goals and also participate in mini challenges within your character class (yes it's that nerdy!), your success at achieving your goal and participating earns you points towards your character. If you're interested my thread is here.

I will cross post my results so anyone who is interested doesn't have to muck about trying to find things in a forum.

Here are my goals anyway:

Diet and Fitness Goals

1.) Stick to paleo 80% of the time, or more. So no more weekend long pizza/chocolate/junk binges! 
2.) Go to Crossfit at least 3 times a week for the next 6 weeks, 4 times if possible 
3.) Lose 5cms from waist measurements

Life Goal

1.) Do at least 30mins of Uni homework every day 

So far I've failed my life goal today! 

I think I'll post pictures and measurements tomorrow as well so that I know exactly what's changed in 6 weeks, it seemed to work well for Whole30.