Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Crossfit session 61 and Prince

I've been kind of slack this week.. however I had a good excuse for not going on Monday.. PRINCE! He was phenomenal! Well worth the wait and if I had the money I would have seen him again last night too. He's just such a good showman, he had the entire (sold out) crowd at Rod Laver arena dancing and clapping and singing, it was the best concert I've been to and we had good seats as well. For a 53 year old guy, he's still got it! I've kind of got my 12 year old self's crush back! Pity he's all religious now and not singing about all the ways he could have his way with you, I'd still do him though!

So anyway, now that I've had a cold shower.. I'm off to Perth tomorrow, so I'll miss Crossfit on Friday as well and will probably eat heaps of crap and drink a ton of booze (going on a Swan River winery tour for one!), but I'll just have to get back on track next week. I'm going to try and go to Crossfit tomorrow morning at 7am, although that will involve getting up before 6:30am.. which I'm not very good at.  It's only 4 weeks til S&S and until my boyfriend is going to make me wear something tight and skimpy though, so that's pretty good motivation! 

I did go to Crossfit tonight though and luckily it wasn't too bad. 


10 x stick roll

5 Rounds


3 x 6reps for power clean (

In between each set do 10 dips.

I only did 25kg because my form was a bit rubbish, I wasn't sticking my butt out enough apparently.


1km row (4min 18 sec)

Then a 20min AMRAP of:

8 x deadlift (40kg)
8 x push-up
8 x pull-up

I got through 6 full rounds and only had 2 pull-ups to go in the 7th round before the buzzer went. Boo!

Still it was 56 deadlifts, 56 push-ups and 54 pull-ups.

Then to finish we had to do some ab exercises, which I struggled with for some reason, maybe because I haven't had to use my abs for anything for ages so they're weak and pudgy!!

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