Sunday, 27 May 2012

Crossfit session 65 (Friday) and the physio


Amazingly I got up at 6:10am on Friday and dragged my ass to the 7am Crossfit class and it wasn't so bad! There was only 4 of us in the class too which was good, sometimes it can be bad if it's a small group and you're the least fit and everyone else finishes miles in front of you but this was a timed AMRAP workout so everyone finished at the same time.


10 x dips
5 x strict chin-ups

x 3-5

I went down a band on chin-ups! WOOT! Now I'm only using blue and a very thin yellow one.


Push-jerk to 3 x 6 rep max (

That's 18 push-jerks per weight, which is a lot, so I didn't go up very far. I started at 20kg and then went to 25kg and that was enough.


This workout was brutal, especially after all the push-jerks. I only used 20kg in the end because my shoulders were already fatigued.

5 x push-press (
5 x back squat (
1 x behind the head push-press (
1 x wall-climb with push-up at the start ( I suck at these!

5min AMRAP, 2min rest (So get through the above sequence as many times as possible in 5mins)

x 5, so 25mins total workout time

Although because it was such a long workout we only got through 4 of the rounds before it was 8am and people had to get to work.

I think I did 3 rounds of the workout in the first 2 rounds and then was up to the behind the head push-press in the 2nd round for the last 2 rounds.


I finally made an appointment to see someone about my knee and had my appointment today, luckily he said he doubted I would need surgery or anything and it should be right in about 8 weeks. He thinks the issue is tight/weak hips, which is causing other areas of my legs to have to do all the work and also pulling my patella off track, which is causing all the issues when I'm running. So I have to do exercises to strengthen my hips and go back and see him in a fortnight to see how it's going.

The downside is that I'm not allowed to squat, jump, lunge, run or step up, so lots of Crossfit exercises are out, which is going to be really dull and mean I'll be getting a super strong upper body for the next couple of weeks! Oh well, I just want to be able to run again, so I'll be good and do all my exercises and avoid all the above. I also have to foam roll my hip, which is okay because I had already ordered a foam roller about a week ago to see if that would help loosen things up. They're total torture devices but everyone swears by them so I'll just have to bear it!


Glenn was awesome this weekend and was totally up for eating paleo, which made it a lot easier to stick to my 80% rule. We did eat some junk at the cinemas and then the left over junk on Sunday but all our main meals were paleo, or close enough to it.

The one thing I'm having trouble with at the moment is bingeing.. it is on paleo food but it does mean I'm eating way too much generally and I feel like I'm getting pudgier around the middle, which ain't so good with S&S coming up! I really need to get on top of it, so I'm going to try and track what I eat and see if that helps. I might also put notes to myself on the fridge and cupboards to see if that helps me stay out of them!

Here's some good motivation that was up on our Crossfit's website today, maybe I should stick this to the fridge!

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