Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Crossfit session 67 and chicken, chicken and more chicken


I'm not enjoying doing different stuff to everyone else, it's way more fun to all be doing the same things and then  you can complain about them afterwards! I didn't really realise how important the group aspect of it was but being stuck over doing biking while everyone is throwing balls at a wall is quite dull!


15 x stick roll
10 x tricep dip

x 5


Every minute on the minute for 12 minutes do 5 strict overhead presses and then fill the rest of the minute with as many sit-ups as possible, so there was no rest in the 12mins.

Everyone else was doing push-jerks (which is one of my favourite lifts) and then double-unders for the remaining time. I'm not sad about missing out on double-unders, but far out do I have some ass crack rash going on now, it hurts just sitting here at my desk!

For presses I used 7kg dumbells and it was a total of 60 presses and I did between 10 and 25 situps every round, so I would have got well over 100 situps in the 12 mins.


Everyone else was doing a 1.6km run and then an AMRAP of wall balls and overhead push-presses for the remaining time in 17mins, lucky me got to ride the exercise bike - 1min easy, 1min hard effort for 17mins. It was dull, but I did end up sweating a lot so I guess it was doing something, also my leg muscles were burning at the end, so it was probably good to help strengthen my hamstrings etc.

In the 17mins I rode 7.14km.

Winning at shopping

I've been needing some new workout clothes for a very long time, mine are horrible and old and ratty, but I'm also on a fairly tight budget at the moment so it hasn't been high on the priority list. I decided the other day though that it really was time to replace them, so I went to Target to try some on. Geez were they horrific! I've bought workout gear from Target in the past and it's been fine, but who ever is designing it now needs to be shot, you could see every ounce of cellulite in my legs and they were just so incredibly unflattering. No wonder there is an obesity epidemic if people have to wear that crap, I wouldn't be seen anywhere in it!

So then the next lunch-time I tried my luck at Rebel Sport and searched through the racks for something that was under $60, no luck.. until I was walking out and they had just put a sale rack out near the registers, I rummaged through and got two pairs of really good quality Puma and Addias 3/4 pants for $20!!! If there had been more I would have bought them, I wore the Puma pair last night and they're so comfy. Win!

Bargain pants!

Endless chicken

For the past couple of days I've been doing leangains, which is basically a 14-16hr fast combined with macro-nutrient cycling that changes depending on whether you're working out that day or not, you can use it to bulk up or lean out, obviously I'm going for the leaning out. It's kind of hard work, you have to weigh everything and make sure your fat/protein/carb ratios are right, so you have to plan what you're going to eat every day. I'm sure after you've done it for a while you won't need to weigh things any more because you'll get a feel for it, but right now it's kind of annoying. I am going to stick to it for the next two weeks, however, just until S&S to try and lose a bit more fat before I have to go wandering around in something skimpy, I'll reassess it at the end of the two weeks to see if I want to keep doing it or not.

The other thing about it is that it's kind of expensive, I have to eat 165g of protein a day.. which is about 800g meat/fish, which adds up!  It also means I'm eating a lot of chicken breast, because on workout days you have to eat minimal amounts of fat, whilst still getting 165g protein, and one of the best ways to do that is good old chicken breast. Egg whites is another way, but I didn't have any in the house for the past two days, I bought some last night, so that'll be on the menu for tomorrow I think. 

Workout days are also crazy in that I have to eat about 200g carbs, which is waaaay more than I usually eat, and because I'm paleo, it means a LOT of sweet potato. Usually I eat half a sweet potato after Crossfit, but last night I had to eat 800g of sweet potato, which is about two medium ones, I was so incredibly full afterwards. 

So it's a lot of work, but there are lots of success stories about it on the internet so I'll give it a shot, check out this success story, it's an amazing transformation!

First meal yesterday

Second meal yesterday

Mm various protein

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