Thursday, 10 May 2012

Crossfit session 60 (Thurs)


15 x overhead squats with a stick
10 x stick shoulder rolls

x 5

WOD 1 

12 x overhead squat (training bar!)
12 x box jump (medium box, woo!)

12min AMRAP

Overhead squats are my least favourite of all Crossfit lifts, because I suck at squats and doubly so when I have to try and keep a bar above my head! I just used a training bar with no weight on it, I think those things weigh less than 10kg but I can't remember exactly what they are.

It wasn't such a bad workout really, I'm really glad I didn't use much weight though because there was one round where I almost got teary (Only happens with squats! What is with that?) but pulled through.

As usual I got lots of corrections from the trainers about my squats and one of them said he could feel his hamstrings tearing every time I squatted (as in, geez your hamstrings are tight), I can't argue with him, there is definitely something crazy going on with my leg muscles, I've decided to buy one of those torture devices foam rollers and use it every day and see if that helps.

I'm not really sure how many rounds I got through, maybe 4 full and then was up to the 5th squat in the 5th round?

WOD 2 

In pairs do:

Person A: 400m row
Person B: 1 x rope climb, 10 x kettlebell swings

12 min AMRAP

So person A had to row 400m and while they were doing that, person B had to do as many rounds of rope climbs and KB swings as possible.

I think we got through 3 rounds each! I still suck at rope climbs, although I did get halfway up which was cool, totally bruised the crap out of my shin though! I need thicker socks.

Then after all that we had to work in groups and practice handstands, so one person does a hand-stand and the other two people hold their legs and gradually let go and see if the person can balance and not fall down. Apparently I hold my form really straight, but as soon as my partners let go of my legs I wobble and fall. I'm getting there though, I should practice against a wall at home or something, although we have floorboards.. not so comfy if I go splat!

Maybe I should practice on the beach!

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