Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Crossfit session 58 (Friday) and pre-challenge photos and measurements


10 x dips
15 x leg swing each leg

x 5 rounds


Rope climb practice, I got halfway up the rope, woo!


10 x push-up
1 x rope climb attempt
7 x pull-ups
15 x kettlbell swings (16kg)
30 x double unders (or 60 normal skips)

x 5 rounds

Then handstand practice and 2 rounds of 15 back extensions.

Nerd Fitness Challenge Goals etc.

Just to re-cap, my goals for the next 6 weeks are:

1.) Go to Crossfit at least 3 times a week
2.) Eat paleo 80% of the time (no more weekend-long non-palo junk binges)
3.) Lose 5cm from waist measurements
4.) General life goal of doing at least 30mins uni work a day

Well I have to say I'm not doing so well at any of these so far!

1.) I was slack yesterday and didn't go to Crossfit because I got the flu-shot and was generally just really tired, so I was supposed to go tonight instead, but after I got home from uni it was already 7pm so I would have had to go to the 8pm class, which I decided was really too late because I wouldn't get home til almost 9:30 and would then only have an hour or so before bed. I will go tomorrow and Thursday though! Friday I'm going out for dinner, so unless I can get there in the morning then it's not going to happen. I might try and do 4 days next week to make up for it.

2.) I did well on the weekend and only had one day where I ate non-paleo things. The last two days have been okay paleo-wise, but I've been feeling like eating sweets in the evening, which I need to get on top of cuz it's a slippery slope! I maaay have made paleo pancakes last night.. totally not worth it, the only good thing about them was the honey, which I ate too much of anyway.

3.) Too early to say how this is going, but if goals 1 and 2 get sorted out then I should be okay.

4.) Totally failing this goal, except for tonight! I just realised my next assignment is due in four weeks so I'd better get cracking.

My main aim of this 6 week challenge is to lose cms/fat before Saints and Sinners in June and hopefully get back to, or below, my measurements from when I completed my Whole30 (super strict 30 days of paleo) back at the start of March 2012. As you'll see from the measurements below, whilst my weight hasn't gone up, my waist measurements have.

Anyway, here are my before measurements and photos for the current challenge:

3rd May 2012

Weight: 74.7kg (same as at the end of Whole30)
Waist measurement 5cm above belly button: 81cm (2cm above end of Whole30 measurements)
Waist measurement at belly button: 91cm (5cm above end of Whole30 measurements)
Waist measurement 5cm below belly button: 94cm (same as end of Whole30 measurements)

May 3rd - Excuse the look, this was before 7am

May 3rd - Side view

Here are the photos from the end of my Whole30 for comparison (1st March 2012)

After Whole30 - March 2012

After Whole30 - March 2012 side view


  1. I'd just like to say hey,

    I stumbled onto your blog, through another paleo link, a few weeks ago, and when you posted your numbers/photos this morning I thought that there were just too many coincidences to not say hello.

    I've been mucking about with paleo for a month or so - weight for a lifetime - but at mo sitting on 74.2, with my measurements 83, 92, 99 lol. Not sure I look as good as you though, a tad older, but still have bikini ambitions.

    Started to get serious (again) about the food a few days ago and have a plan through to September when I have one of those big birthdays :)

    Good luck and stay happy!

  2. Hey Jo!

    Oh awesome, that's funny that our measurements are so similar! I'll add you to my blog list :) I see you're from NZ, not far away at all, my boyfriend is a Kiwi, but he's from Christchurch.

    How are you liking paleo so far? I did a Whole30 back in Feb and got really good results from that, it was tough, but it really makes you think about what you're eating.

    I'm sure you look amazing, you've also had kids which I haven't! :)

    Good luck with paleo, I'll check out your blog :)