Thursday, 10 May 2012

Crossfit session 59 (Wednesday), some weightloss progress and general challenge stuff


I think the warm-up was almost as brutal as a WOD, but maybe it was because I hadn't been in a while.

15 x dip
10 x strict pull-up (no kipping)

x 5

That's a lot of dips and pull-ups!! It took so long (waiting for the dip thingy) that I only finished 4 rounds before my class started.


Push-jerk to 3 x 6 reps

6 x 20kg
6 x 25kg
6 x 30kg
6 x 30kg

We didn't get to do our 3rd round of 6 at 30kg because we were working in 3's and it just took too long.


10 x dumbbell push-press (7kg dumbbells)
20 x air-squat
20 x double unders

20min AMRAP

Because of my retardedness at double-unders I only got through 3 full rounds and was on something like 16 double unders in the 4th round.


Sled pull - 20kg
10x hanging knee raise

1-5 rounds

I only did 2 rounds, there was quite a big group so it took ages as there was only 1 sled as well. Oh well!

Sled pulls are fun!


I went to the doctor today and he weighed me and I was 73kg! That is the lightest I've been since I started weighing myself. I weighed myself at home and was 73.9kg, so I'll see what it is next week again on my scales and use that. I'm pretty pleased with that.

I also bought some size 12 jeans from the Salvos yesterday, but they're Just Jeans ones which I'm pretty sure are for larger people or something cuz they're quite stretchy, so I wouldn't count them as a real 12.. still, it's progress!

Nerd Fitness Challenge

One of my goals is to stick to paleo at least 80% of the time, which I've probably been pretty much doing already, but I want to keep track and see just how many cheat meals I am having a week.

I've worked out that depending on how many "meals" (snacks also count) I eat on the weekend, I can have around 4 or 5 cheat meals per week, which is quite a good number! I usually eat 4 meals every day during the week (3 main meals and an afternoon snack) and a random number of meals on the weekend, somewhere between 2 and 4 per day.

So far this week I haven't had any cheat meals, which is great because I'm going out for dinner tonight and having dinner with my Dad on Saturday, which also leaves two meals for Sunday for when I'm hanging with the very non-paleo boy.  I'm not counting alcohol here though, if I eat a paleo meal and have some alcohol with it, that's still counted as paleo in my book, I'm not that strict!

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