Sunday, 3 June 2012

Crossfit session 68 (Friday) and ribs, glorious ribs



10 x stick rolls
15 x leg swings

x 5

WOD 1 

11 x hang power clean (
2 x wall climb (

15min AMRAP

I got 6 or 7 rounds done I think, so that's over 60 power cleans, which is quite a lot. I only did it at 20kg though because I wasn't sure that I should really be doing them with my knee because they involve a bit of a jump, so I was being quite cautious with them.

Wall climbs suck, I just can't really move my hands in far enough to get close to the wall and properly vertical.

WOD 2 

This was another pairs workout where one person rows a certain distance (500m in this case) and the other person has to do an AMRAP of some exercises (double unders and rope climbs in this case). We had an uneven number of people and I can't do double-unders at the moment so I was all by myself. I did 30 sit-ups instead of double-unders, so my workout was this:

500m row
1 x rope climb (or good attempt)
30 x ab mat sit up

15min AMRAP

I think I got through 3 or 4 rounds, so at least a 1.5km row, 3 rope climb attempts and 90 sit-ups.

To finish

1 min plank, 1 min rest x 3

I sucked at these and could only get about 30 seconds of planks each time, but I had just done 90 sit-ups whereas the others hadn't!


I only discovered the deliciousness that is ribs last year, I have no idea why the hell it took me so long! On the weekend I decided to make some of my own instead of paying $15 for takeaway ribs which would come with chips that I really shouldn't eat.

They were so easy! Basically you put them on a foil lined tray, cover in bbq sauce (marinate prior if possible) cover tray with foil and bake for 2hrs @ 160 degrees (not fan forced), then take them out and put more bbq sauce on and bake uncovered for another 15mins or so. I cheated and used masterfoods bbq sauce, which was delicious, but there are tons of recipes out there. I can see these becoming a regular dinner  in my house!


Hell yeah, super delicious and with veggies no less!


  1. This looks so good. I always stress about the sugar in the marinate mix. I think I might try these tonight :)

  2. Yeah, I decided just to ignore that factor and be lazy and get the stuff in a jar. There are recipes for paleo bbq sauce though: