Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Crossfit session 78 and supermarket discoveries



1k row

Then 5 rounds of:
10 x stick rolls
5 x inch worm


Crazy ass workout! It looked daunting at the start but was actually kind of fun, but once again I didn't have to do box jumps or running, so maybe it would have been less fun with those included.

100 x Kettlebell swings (16kg)

90 x Sit-ups

800m row

6 x pulling a sled with 40kg + a giant rope the length of the gym. Basically you wrap the giant rope around yourself and then attempt to pull the 40kg sled whilst being weighed down by the rope. Far out that was hard! I could do it the first few times, but then on the 5th and 6th I couldn't even get it to move at all. I'm sure the group 1 people were laughing at my retardedness. Everyone else had to do 70 x box jump overs, so I'm not sure who had the worse end of the deal here!

500m row, goal to get under 2mins15sec (got 2mins8sec!)

8 x rope pull-up (Basically lie on the floor and use the rope to pull yourself into a standing position and back down)

30 x Ball slam (15kg)

2 x 20kg Seated sled pull the length of the gym

Seated sled-pull

To finish:

12 x ring row
20 x ball tap

x 3


I have no idea how long this all took, it was over 50mins by the time I finished completely, but we had to wait for sleds for the seated sled pull so it was slightly less than that.

Ring row (you pull yourself up without bending your torso/legs etc)

This is how filthy my hands were after the WOD, Crossfit is truly a glamorous activity!

Things I learnt at the supermarket today

1.) You can now get sweet potato chips! They're cooked in sunflower oil, which is bad.. buuuut if you're going to eat junk you might as well eat sweet potato related junk! They were quite expensive from memory though for chips. I might have to give them a shot anyway because it's good we're finally getting some variety, even if it is only junk food at this stage.

2.) All the almond milk has cane sugar in it.. in fact So Good's almond milk has more sugar in it than it does almonds! It's listed as the second ingredient, after water, WTF! We've got Almond Breeze here now, but at my Coles anyway, they didn't have the unsweetened version, so it has cane sugar in it. There's another brand which is over $5 a carton (ridiculous) which doesn't have cane sugar.. but it does have some other random ingredients that you probably shouldn't drink. I was only looking as an option for with smoothies.. but until I find unsweetended almond breeze, I think I'll stick with coconut milk.

3.) Mackrel fillets in olive oil.. where have you been all my life??? I am hanging for pay day on Thursday when I can go and buy a ton more because I only bought one can because I wasn't sure if I liked them or not. I got them from Aldi because they didn't have the salmon I wanted and I think they're actually better than salmon!


I posted my progress photos etc. on a leangains forum yesterday and after everyone's responses I've decided to keep at it, it sounds like other people have had the same kind of results as me after 4 weeks. It does make life a whole lot easier when you don't have to worry about breakfast and it means I get to eat giant amounts of food and not gain weight, but at the same time learn to control hunger. So its all good really and sounds like I'm on the right track, even if I can't see it myself at the moment. I am doing way better in crossfit than I ever have before, all my weights have gone up and I'm going down on chin-up bands, so I am progressing, even if I don't have awesome abs just yet!

I'm not re-starting leangains until next week though because I can't actually afford to buy any more food at the moment, so eating crazy amounts of protein isn't going to happen until after payday!

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  1. i had black hands even after cleaning the bloody house this morning! those hard core kettlebells will mess up our dainty little calloused mitts... nice work doing 16kg!