Thursday, 21 June 2012

Crossfit session 76 (Wednesday), chicken stock and a holiday


This was a doozy of a workout, when I got in there a couple of the other girls were standing around the board kind of staring at it in shock, we then discussed ways to sneak out without the trainers noticing! Buut we stayed, like good girls and it wasn't as bad as it looked, although I got the easy way, no running and no double-unders! I guess having a bung knee is good for something.


10 x dips
10 x squats (lunges for everyone else)

x 5

I think I spent too much time plotting to leave cuz I didn't even finish 3 rounds.


2km row
75 x sit-ups
50 x burpees
1km row
50 x sit-ups
35 x burpees
500m row
25 x sit-ups
20 x burpees

So in total 3.5km row, 150 sit-ups and 105 burpees.

I completed it in 43mins 25 seconds. It didn't suck as much as I expected, I did the burpees in sets of 10, which made them manageable. Everyone else was doing running and double-unders (skipping) instead of rowing and sit-ups.

Then we did some ring rows and 1min planks until they kicked us out.

Speaking of Burpees, this guy is doing a 365 burpee challenge to raise money for children's charities. He started at the start of the year with 1 burpee and every day is adding 1 more, until he gets to 365. Massive props to him, cuz burpees suck and he's doing thousands over the course of the year!

Chicken stock

Tonight I'm making chicken stock, based on this recipe from Sarah Wilson. I've never made stock before, but I had a chicken carcass from the roast, so I thought why the hell not! I haven't made soup in ages either, so I'll use this as a base for something, or maybe just drink it as bone-broth, which is supposed to be really good for you. Hopefully it works out!

Stock pre-cooking


The completely exciting news for the week is that Glenn and I are going to the USA in October/November! We both got our leave approved today and we'll be booking the tickets on the weekend. We're going to visit Glenn's twin brother, who lives in San Francisco and also just generally see the country, I've never been so I'm quite excited. We're going to go to Vegas and LA and I'm hoping also NYC. Now I just have to get the savings happening, so I apologise in advance if I'm really boring and won't spend money on anything for the next 3 months!

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