Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Crossfit session 70 and general stuff



1km row
10 stick rolls

WOD 1 

It was supposed to be "Nancy", which is running and overhead squats so instead I got:

400m row
3 laps of the gym doing an overhead farmer's walk with 2x 8kg kettlebells

For 5 rounds

It took me 23mins, I also managed to row an extra 100m one of the rounds because I wasn't paying attention. The overhead farmer's walks were tough! They're easy for the first few metres and then your shoulders get super tired because you also have to try and push your shoulders up while you're doing it (as with an overhead squat).

I was doing this, but with one kettlebell in each hand


15 x chin-ups (blue and yellow bands)
15 x ab mat sit-ups

For 5 rounds

So 75 of each in total.

Other stuff

One of the women at work asked me this morning how much weight I lost, I haven't actually lost any recently but it's always nice to hear that you look like you have! I'm assuming the scales are staying the same because I'm actually gaining muscle, maybe soon I'll have mad guns, oh yeah! Hopefully not as manly-looking as Sam Stosur though.

Manly guns

I have also discovered something more delicious than sweet potato chips, sweet potato chips with bolognese sauce on them! The picture looks gross but I assure you, it was delicious!

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