Monday, 4 June 2012

Crossfit session 69 and food babies



1km row (4mins 15sec I think)

Then one of the trainers got me to do some weird crab walking thing with bands around my thighs, the aim was to help strengthen my ass muscles to help my knee.. I reckon he just wanted to make me look like a tard.


It was supposed to be "Death by Thrusters" but I can't do thrusters, so I did "Death by Push-Press" instead.

Basically in the first minute you do 1 rep, in the second minute you do 2 reps, in the 3rd minute you do 3 reps etc. etc. until you can't complete the number of reps for that minute. The first 8 or so are easy but when it gets over 10 then you're in trouble. I'm not sure what the record was last night.

I did 12 full rounds and then was up to 10 in the 13th round. So that's a total of 88 push-presses at 20kg.

Here's a push-press


This was supposed to be double unders and back squats so I got kettle-bell swings and ab-mat sit-ups.

50 x kettle-bell swings (16kg)
50 x ab mats
40 x kettle-bell swings
40 x ab mats

etc. until down to 10 reps of each. There was a 15min cut-off and I was just about to start the 20 rep sets when it went off. So that's a total of 120 KB swings and 120 sit-ups


3 min hollow hold

Everything hurts today!!


As I've mentioned before I'm doing leangains for the next couple of weeks at least, which is a 14-16hr fast and a 8-10hr eating window per day, combined with macro-nutrient cycling depending on if it's a training day or not.

The amount of food I have to eat in my 10hr window to meet my macro targets is crazy! I have to get 165g protein, which is a LOT of protein and on training days I'm also supposed to get 200g of carbs, which is one target I never meet because it's just too much, especially if you're mostly just eating sweet potato.

Sweet potato chips mmmm

Yesterday was a training day, so last night I had to eat a ton of food after my workout, it felt like my food baby had a food baby!  I have discovered a seriously delicious dessert though, sliced banana and frozen raspberries with dulce de leche (Argentinian caramel) and a little bit of coconut cream, it was so very amazing. I'm almost out of dulce de leche though :(

Heaven in a bowl!

Other than having to cram a ton of food in, I'm really not having any issues with Leangains. I went way off plan on the weekend (buffets and me do not mix, I eat everything in sight), but I did manage to stick within my eating and fasting windows with no problems.  Hopefully I see some sort of results by S&S, I know it's hardly any time but even a slightly less puffy stomach would be awesome! I did buy 2 pairs of size 12 jeans on the weekend though, so that was awesome, I haven't been size 12 since I was in high school!

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  1. Huge congrats about getting down to a size 12 :D