Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Crossfit session 71 (Friday)


I totally forgot to post this over the weekend so my memory of what we did is a little bit hazy!


Stick rolls and max handstand holds


This was supposed to be push-jerk to 3 x 6reps but I did strict presses instead, so I didn't really get to go up in weight much because it's damn hard lifting weight over your head without using your legs!

I think I did about 4 or 5 rounds of 6 reps at 20kg, boring.

Here's a video of the difference between a strict press, a push-press and the push-jerk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4eysYloOOk

This guy would probably get pulled-up for not having his elbows up high enough in some of these moves if he was doing this at our gym (something I often get pulled-up on).


10-1 - Dumb-bell strict press
20-2 - Ball slam (12kg ball)
10-1 - Pull-ups (orange and red band)

So basically you do 10 dumbbell strict press, 20 ball slam, 10 pull-ups, then 9 dumbbell press, 18 ball slam, 9 pull-ups etc. etc. until you get down to 1-2-1 of each. There was a 25min cut-off and I just made it!

Here's a video of a ball-slam, except that our balls don't bounce! They are tough!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pc7cOUOGj6w

I also tried two thinner bands tonight for pull-ups and I could do them! I only tried them out because there wasn't enough of the big blue ones, so that's progress..although it's hard to know how many of the small ones would be equal to the big blue and the thin yellow one, which is what I was using before today.


30 second plank
20 x ball taps (tap medicine ball from side to side while crunching, couldn't find a good video)

x 3


I'm still doing leangains, although I didn't do it at all yesterday because I had my final assignment due for the semester and I hadn't finished it yet, so I needed all the help I could get! I pretty much stuck to it on the weekend, although I didn't follow my macro targets, I just skipped breakfast, but the weight on the scales was down today so that's something!

Here's some of the food I've been eating:

Paleo kedgeree!

I loved kedgeree as a kid but I haven't eaten it for years, I had a ton of cauliflower in the fridge though so I gave it a shot, paleo-style and it totally worked! I just used a normal recipe and substituted cauliflower rice for the actual rice. Easy-peasy!

Post work-out meal friday

This is my post-workout meal from Friday - sweet potato chips, an egg white omelette and some veggies, it was actually supposed to be my afternoon snack but we got out of work early so I kept it until after Crossfit.

Taco salad
Super easy paleo taco-salad :)

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