Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Crossfit session 72 (Wednesday)



10 x air squats
Max hand-stand hold

x 5

One of the exercises my physio has given me for the next two weeks is squats, woo! I have to hang onto something and make really sure my shins stay straight but it does mean I could do this warm-up without having to substitute anything.. progress!


6 x chest-to-bar chin-ups (orange and red bands)
6 x strict press (20kg)
500m bike ride

15min AMRAP

I got through 6 full rounds and was almost done with the bike ride in the 7th round I think.


In pairs:

Person A rows 200m
Person B holds a plank until person A has finished their 200m row

x 5 (each person does each thing 5 times)

Hate planks! Plus my partner wasn't the fastest of rowers so I was down there for a while!


Max hanging knee raises in 3mins. I have no idea how many I got, it wasn't much because my hands were sore from doing all the chin-ups.

Chest-to-bar chin-ups.. chest-ups?


Although it's totally not paleo, I sometimes use protein powder in smoothies, or if I just need some extra protein without much else, however I'd run out, so today I got to buy new protein powder.. woo! Yeah, I get excited about it because it means a new flavour because I try to switch products every time to get a bit of variety and get to try new things.

Last time, I had Pro-Matrix's Naked Whey - WPI (Whey Protein Isolate), which had no flavour but had bugger all carbs and bugger all lactose. It was good in smoothies, but usually meant I had to add some cocoa powder to give the smoothie any real flavour.

This time I got one of their other products which is Pro-matrix Wicked Whey - WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate), chocolate flavour. It's delicious! It has slightly less protein and slightly more carbs and lactose per serve compared to the WPI, but still less than 2g of each per serve. They're an Australian or NZ company too, which is good.

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