Thursday, 14 June 2012

Crossfit session 73 (Thursday.. morning!)


Woo I managed to get up at 6:15am to go to Crossfit before work, I slept like crap too, I kept dreaming about Crossfit, which isn't very conducive to sleeping.  I decided to do Crossfit this morning because I'm trying to stick to 3x per week and I missed Monday because of my Uni assignment and didn't do Tuesday because I was relaxing after doing my uni assignment, so I had a day to make-up. It's also good because I'm going out for dinner tonight and it's a workout day, which means I get to eat carbs and more calories, woo!


500m row

Then 5 rounds of:

10 x air squat
15 x stick rolls


Everyone was working on front-squats, which I can't do at the moment, so I got to do some weird strengthening exercises for my legs and some back-extensions. Sounds easy but my legs are sore now!

The strengthening thing was a crab-walk with the chin-up bands around my legs, amazingly there are videos of it on the internet!

I had a doubled-up band around my legs so it was quite hard to move and I did end up getting sweaty so it was obviously doing something.

I was doing sets of 12 back extensions, I probably did about 6 or 7 rounds of those.


Everyone had to do "Karen", which is 150 wall balls for time, but I can't do wall balls, so I got 100 dead-ball slams, which is the exercise I was doing on Friday, except this time I was using a 15kg ball. It's pretty challenging, I was doing them in sets of about 5-10 most of the way through. I have no idea how long it took.
Here's a video, although our balls bounce even less than this -

To finish

3 x 10 lying straight leg raises (something like this:


The way I usually do Leangains is by fasting from 11pm until 1pm the next day, then I have 2 meals in the afternoon before  Crossfit, which is at 7pm, and then I eat my main meal when I get home afterwards. Today however, I did Crossfit in the morning, which meant I had to fast before and after my workout, all I was able to have was black coffee and BCAA's, I was pretty hungry at certain points, but I still made it to 1pm! WOO! It's good to be able to get over being hungry and not just give in... now if I could only find this self restraint when faced with a buffet table or food at a party.

Tonight I'm going out for Mexican too, so I'll get to eat whatever I like within reason and it won't affect my progress too much, which reminds me, I need to take some progress photos to see how I'm going. The scales were horrible to me today though, I'd apparently put on 2kg since yesterday.. I really should just put them away and stop weighing myself because I know it's rubbish when you're gaining muscle, but it is tempting to hop on every now and then. Photos and measurements are much more indicative, so I'll try and get those done over the weekend maybe.

Here's a picture of my delicious margartia from last night, pity I had to drive and am broke, otherwise I could have done with about 5 more!

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