Monday, 25 June 2012

Crossfit session 77 (Friday) and progress?


Going to Crossfit on a Friday afternoon makes me feel all virtuous and like I totally deserve to eat choc-tops at the movies. Pity the movie we saw was utter and complete rubbish! Do not see Snow White and the Huntsman, I didn't think it was going to be great but it was actually shockingly bad. Oh well, at least I wasn't paying I guess!


10 x stick rolls
10 x leg swings

x 5


20 - 2 x Push-ups
1 - 10 x Ball-slams (15kg)

So basically you do 20 push-ups and 1 ball-slam, then 18 push-ups and 2 ball slams etc. etc. until you get to 2 push-ups and 10 ball slams. I really wasn't into the push-ups today, they seemed exceptionally hard, it might have been because of the 100+ burpees from Wednesday.

In total it was: 110 push-ups and 55 ball-slams.


We worked on Push-jerks to 3 x 6 reps. I got to work on strict-press, so I just did 20kg. I had a go at 25kg but only got 3 reps out each time, I probably would have done better if it wasn't just after doing 110 push-ups! Not sure how many rounds I went for, more than 3, probably 5 all up I think plus 2 rounds of 3 at 25kg.

Metabolic conditioning

2km row, goal of getting under 8mins for men and under 9mins for women. I got 8mins 28 seconds.. WOO! I reckon I could have gotten under 8 mins if I hadn't slacked off at the start of it. I got told by one of the trainers that I was definitely getting fitter, so I guess all this pain is actually working!


10 x hanging straight-leg raises (or toes to bar if you can get your legs that high!)
10 x v-situp (Although you're probably supposed to keep your legs together more than this chick.. although she is working out on the beach, so that's pretty cool)

x 3

I didn't get all these done before the gym closed. I think I did 2 rounds of v-situp and 1 of leg raises.

Progress? (Warning, potentially NSFW, underware pics)

I've been doing leangains for about a month now and am really not sure if it's working or if I'm getting fatter. I was pretty sure I was getting thinner based on my clothes, but then I took some progress photos and they make me look fatter! So this morning I took measurements and they indicate that I've gotten thinner, so I have no idea what is actually correct!

I'm also concerned that because leangains means I have to eat so many calories in a short amount of time, it might make my stomach used to having giant portions, which isn't so good if you're not doing leangains and have a history of overeating! So, I'm not really sure whether to continue with it or not. Other than trying to cram in the right number of calories in a short amount of time if I'm already full, I find it really easy to stick to.

I ate breakfast today, which was actually quite nice, so I may have a week off from leangains and see how that goes, but I'm really not sure though, it's only been 4 weeks, so maybe I should keep going with it and re-assess again in a couple of weeks and see if there's more definite progress.

Mm breakfasty

So here are the photos and the measurements. The weight I'm not too concerned about because my scales are completely dodgy anyway and if I've put on muscle then gaining is all good. Glenn's scales actually told me I was 72.5kg on the weekend so I really have no idea what is correct at this point! 

Weight: 74.7kg
5cms above belly button: 81cm
Belly button: 91cm
5cm below: 94cm

Weight: 76.1kg (+1.4kg)
5cms above belly button: 81cm (same)
Belly button: 88cm (-3cm)
5cm below: 93cm (-1cm)

May on left, June on right (I think I look fatter in June!)
May on left, June on right (again, I think I look fatter now)

And, just because I'm obsessed with them, here's some bicep photos (yeah shut-up, they might not be guns, but they're bigger than they used to be!)

There is totally a bicep there, I swear!

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