Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Crossfit session 75 (Tues)


Got up early again today, it's not so bad actually! I also didn't really go to bed that early last night because I was out and it was still all good. Can't say I was overly productive at work though!


1km row

Then 10 x stick rolls
10 x leg swings each side

x 5


It was front-squats, so I got to do:

10 x back extensions
10 x hanging knee raise

I think I did about 6 rounds of those. For the last few sets of back extensions I was using a 5kg plate as well.. fun!


5 x power clean (25kg)
10 x knee-raises
3 x sled pull (20kg), the length of the gym

15min AMRAP

I think I got 6 rounds done. So that's 120 knee-raises this morning, no wonder my hands are killing me!


10 x back extensions
30 second hollow hold

x 3


I made roast chicken last night, damn it was good! I had it with sweet potato chips and veggies (and totally non-paleo gravy.. but shhhh!)

I also made paleo pancakes, based off this recipe, I didn't have any cherries though so I just used frozen blueberries and made some chocolate sauce (coco powder and honey) and topped it with coconut cream. Amazing!

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