Sunday, 17 June 2012

Crossfit session 74 (Friday)


I think 3 days in a row of Crossfit is too much! I was rubbish at everything today, even things I've done a million times before and shouldn't' have struggled with. Maybe I was just having an off day, but usually I have a day in between sessions and that seems to work well so I'll stick with that, I'd just screwed my schedule up this week.


5-10 x chin-ups (2 x orange bands woo!)
15 x leg swings

x 5

WOD 1 

Every minute on the minute do 15 kettle-bell swings and then for the remaining time in that minute do max sit-ups. 12 mins total.

I've recently changed to the 16kg kettle-bell from the 12kg one and I'm struggling with it. Our gym doesn't have anything in between 12 and 16 either, which is stupid, cuz I reckon I'd be fine with a 14kg one! The 16kg totally screws up my hands and my forearms and I can barely do 15 reps without stopping, so this workout sucked.

I got through all the swings for the first few mins and got to do some sit-ups, but then I started really struggling and couldn't get through the full 15 within the I hardly did any sit-ups in the end because I'd still be finishing off the swings from the previous minute when we had to do another 15! Horrible. I couldn't wait for that 12mins to be up.  It probably didn't help that I went down a band on chin-ups too, so my forearms were already tired.. kind of retarded to do that in a warm-up, but anyway, live and learn! 

WOD 2 

2 x rope climb attempt
10 x back extension
8 x burpee

20min AMRAP

I have no clue how many rounds I got, not tons.. maybe 5? That's a total guess though. My rope climbs were sucking today, I couldn't even manage to grip on once, I think it was the new shoes, I'm going to go back to my old shoes for rope climbs because at least with those I could get a few metres up the rope.

My sexy spider rope-climbing sock, didn't help me climb though :(


I still haven't done any progress photos/measurements, maybe tonight. 

I had a good weekend, I went to the movies on Friday night and saw Prometheus, which I didn't fall asleep during, even though it was an 11:15pm session (seriously, that is a massive achievement for me!).

Saturday I spent all day sorting out an outfit for a party on Saturday night, but I ended up looking awesome so it was worth it... mostly thanks to Glenn, cuz I was unconvinced that I looked awesome until the last 5mins before we left the house! I'm glad he can put up with my crazy pre-going freakouts.. and all my other crazy freakouts.

Sunday I had a family thing with Glenn, which was nice, and then we watched the new episode of True Blood, hopefully this season will be better than the last.. but I'm not so sure!  Weekends are never long enough :(

If you put your hand over the upper right corner, this is totally a paleo dinner!

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