Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Crossfit session 79 and paying for torture



1km bike-ride

Then 5 rounds of:

Max handstand hold
10 x squat


3 x 6 reps push-press

In between each round do 5 x pistols each leg.

I did:

6 x 20kg
6 x 25kg
6 x 25kg
6 x 25kg
5 x 25kg (Had to do an extra set because the trainer was correcting the way I did something)

Pistols suck ass, they're basically kind of  like a one legged squat. My legs are so unstable (which is is something the physio pointed out), so my balance is dreadful on one leg, I was wobbling all over the place AND I was only doing it so that my ass touched one of the high boxes because of my knee, so really only squatting down about 20cm or something.  Here's a mad example of a pistol.. on a KB no less.

This was totally me yesterday doing a pistol



20kg Dumb-bell push-press (everyone else was doing thrusters, so I was lucky!)
Chin-up (2 x orange bands woo!)

And then 500m row at the end of every round.

So 21 push-press, 21 chin-up, 500m row, 15 push-press, 15 chin-up, 500m row, 9 push-press, 9 chin-up, 500m row.

I think I smashed this workout, I completed it in about 18mins and felt really strong the whole way through. My rowing times were alright too, 2mins 4 secs for the first two and 2mins 6 seconds for the 3rd. My goal is to get it under 2mins.

I've never done 20kg push-presses using dumb-bells before, it's way harder than with a 20kg bar for some reason and I noticed that my right side is way weaker than my left, which is weird seeing as it's my dominant side.. my right knee is also the one that is screwed.. so clearly it's a conspiracy, or my right side is just fucktarded.

To finish

Everyone else had to see how high they could get with box-jumps, which was crazy to watch, some of the boys can jump ridiculously high!

Instead I got to do:

12 x back extension
12 x dips

x 3

Paying for torture

Sadly, not the fun kind of torture.. the horrible, hard, physio-massage kind of torture! This was the result this morning:

Yeah.. don't need that part of my leg for anything

Sure, my leg felt all wobbly and weird after (which I think is good, means all the tightness was released), but far out it's bruised! Not sure how he expects me to foam roll on that! I also had to pay $66 for the privilege, the last two appointments were fully covered by my health insurance, which was nice, this time though there was a gap.  I'm allowed to start testing it with running this fortnight though which is good, I have to start off only running for 1 min at a time and work my way up to see if the problem is fixed or at what point it occurs again. Fingers crossed it's actually improving.

Foam rolling the non-bruised parts of my legs

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