Sunday, 1 July 2012

Crossfit session 80 (Friday) and handstand practice (aka being a 31 year old hyperactive child)


This is the first Crossfit session where I didn't actually feel completely buggered at the end of it, it was quite disappointing!


Max hand-stand hold
10 x air squats

x 5



Kettle-bell swings (16kg)
Ball Slams (15kg)

In between each round do 2 x prowler runs the length of the gym (although I wasn't dragging anything behind me like the guy in that video).

So 21 swings, 21 ball slams, 2 prowler, 15 swings, 15 ball slams, 2 prowler, 9 swings, 9 ball slams, 2 prowler.

The prowler things are really hard, I wasn't even doing it with any weight on it and could barely move it at the start, for some reason the floor at one end of the gym is really grippy and the thing just doesn't slide over it, which makes it really hard to get it going if you're at that end of the gym!


4 x Sandbag suicide relays the length of the gym (so run to various points and back in the gym whilst carrying a sandbag).

I'm not really allowed to run much at the moment, so I had to walk these, which was really dull! I think I would have been tired if I had been running like everyone else.


Medicine ball throws in pairs x 30 each.

So you lie backwards with your feet touching and one person taps the ball behind them and then crunches up  and taps the ball to each leg and then throws the ball at their partner who does the same. We only used the 6 pound ball and I think we really could have gone heavier cuz it was way too easy!


As part of my physio exercises for the next fortnight I have to build up my running time to see if my knee is getting better or whether the same problem occurs, so on Saturday morning Glenn and I went out (in between the rain showers) for a bit of a run. I had to do 8mins walking and 2 mins running repeated 3 times, so it wasn't really much exercise and I'm not sure if it was that and not being totally buggered from Crossfit on Friday, but I was like a hyperactive child afterwards!

I spent a lot of Saturday afternoon jumping around the house and annoying Glenn, however I did manage to do several handstands against the wall, which is something I've been too scared to actually try in front of everyone at Crossfit and as a consequence have been doing the retarded climbing up the wall backwards thing every time we've had to do handstand holds, which is totally lame. So now I know that I can actually do a handstand without falling on my head, I'll be doing it properly at Crossfit next time!


I made very delicious chicken pasta sauce the other night, based on this recipe from PaleOMG (one of my favourite paleo blogs).  Mine was a bit different because I just went with what I had in the house, so mine was with chicken breast instead of chicken sausages, mixed herbs for the seasoning and I added in some red capsicum and onion and served it over zucchini noodles. I never would have thought to use coconut milk instead of cream etc. in a pasta sauce, but it was divine! I think this will become a regular dinner at my place.


Finished! Looks gross but was delish!

My breakfast at work on Friday, I burnt my hand cooking the bacon :(

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