Thursday, 5 July 2012

Crossfit session 82 (Wednesday)



500m row

Then 5 rounds of max strict chin-up (no kipping) and 15 x leg swings.

Bam, got my 500m row under 2mins!!! 1min 58 secs, but still under! I got a high 5 from one of the trainers too.  Now I just have to do it again next time.

My max each round was about 4 strict chins, I've just gone to 2 orange bands, so I was struggling to do them strict (found out afterwards that I should have just gone up a band and done more, oh well!).


10 x push-press 20kg (push-jerk for everyone else)
15 x strict hanging knee raise (no swinging)
250m row

15min AMRAP

Got 4 full rounds and was up to about 11 hanging knee raises in the 5th.

So 50 push-press, 71 hanging knee raise and a 1km row.  My rowing times were all around 1min.


Work in pairs to do 100 push-ups. So one person would hold a bar-hang (as it sounds - just hanging from an overhead bar) for as long as possible while the other did as many push-ups as possible in that time, when the bar person stopped you swapped over and kept going and repeated this until collectively you got up to 100 push-ups. We did pretty well I think, although we finished after all the boys, but they have giant arm muscles, so whatever.


2 x prolwer "runs" 20kg, up to the end of the gym and back (so 4 runs really)

Then 4 rounds of:

20 x ball taps
10 x lying straight leg raises (kind of like this, but we also have to lift our ass off the ground when our legs are at the top)

I say prowler "runs" because that wasn't running, it was a very slow version of hell! I was almost horizontal trying to get the thing to move at all and was putting all of my 75kg behind it and it was still fucking barely moving! The boys were also struggling, so I don't feel so retarded, although they were doing 40kg.

One of the trainers then made me do an extra prolwer run and a 20kg sled run as well. I wasn't impressed, he told me it was for my own good, but I think he's a sadist.

See, even superfit people from the Crossfit games struggle with the prowler

Other stuff

Not much else to report, I'm still really sore from the above workout. I'm annoyed that my knee is fucked and dreading how much it's going to cost to get it sorted out. I got my uni marks back and didn't totally mess up that last subject, so that's something I guess! I got an H2A, which is good enough to keep my average above 70%, which is what I need to get Masters, I still have 5 subjects to go though, so that's a long way off and I have plenty more chances to screw it up! Next semester is a boring-looking core subject and it's Wednesday evenings, which messes with my Crossfit routine, so I'm not very enthused about it, but it was the one that best fitted in with work and my trip in October.

I went to Lentil As Anything with the girls last night, which is a veggo restaurant where you pay what you think the food is worth, which is an interesting concept, but for me it's also kind of strange because you don't really know how much to put in. If I'd truly paid what I thought the food was worth I would have given them $5, but I gave them $10 because $5 seemed too stingy. I had the potato burger, which was just some kind of patty with two slices of wholemeal bread and a bit of salad. It was okay, but wasn't anything special and probably cost them about $2 to make in reality. The money apparently helps the community though, so it's worthwhile in that sense. 

Then I went home and ate crap out of the freezer, which was really dumb and I'm not sure what was going on, but it was some kind of emotional eating. Actually I think I know what the issue was, but it's a totally irrational issue and I should just get the fuck over it and stop over-thinking it. 

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