Sunday, 15 July 2012

Crossfit session 87 (Friday) and the weekend

I think when I get to session 100 I'll buy myself a Crossfit Melbourne T-shirt, I may have earned one by then!


500m row

Then 4 rounds of:

10 x air squat
10 x stick roll

I was running super late due to actually having to do some work for my first aider payments at work, instead of just doling out band-aids like usual, I had to go with someone to the emergency ward because they were having chest pains. I only stayed until she was admitted, but apparently she was in there for about 7 hours and they did a lot of tests on her but they were inconclusive, she is okay though but will have to go back for some more tests.

So anyway, I was running late and didn't really do the warm-up, but I ran from the station to the car so I was pretty warm anyway. I did 20 air squats and some stick rolls before we got called in for our session.

WOD 1 

1 min max knees to elbows
1 min max ball slam (15kg)
1 min max kettle bell swings (16kg) (box jumps for the others)
400m row (run for the others)
1 min rest

x 5

Doesn't sound like much, but it was brutal! I guess it was over 25mins in total, so no wonder. I wasn't counting my reps, so I'm not sure what I got in each minute.


25 x sit-ups
10 x back extensions

10min AMRAP

I wasn't really counting how many rounds I got through, would have been around 5ish.

Everyone else was doing overhead squats (max) and then rowing 250m every time they had to put the bar down from OHS. One guy only had to row once and managed to get out 112 squats in the 10mins.. crazy!


This weekend I was totally lazy, I didn't do any of my physio exercises or do any running or even leave the house at all on Saturday. Instead, G and I spent the day watching Arrested Development, True Blood, Snooki and Jwoww (shut-up), Breaking Bad and also the movie Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. We may have also eaten junk food and drunk booze. It was fun!

Cachaca! I'd forgotten that I'd bought some duty-free when I was coming back from NZ.

Totally did not eat this.. nuh-uh!

I also watched some of the Crossfit Games (like the Olympics for Crossfit) which were being held in the USA. My gym ended up coming 9th out of 43 other crossfit gyms, which was an amazing effort, especially seeing as they were coming 22nd at one point. Some of the things the athletes had to do looked crazy hard and it was really amazing to watch them getting through it (the eye candy didn't hurt either).

This week the aim is to get my diet under control.. so no more Rocky Road Overload for me! :(

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