Thursday, 12 July 2012

Crossfit session 86 (Wednesday) and general life stuff



1km row



400m run (rowing for me)
21 x Kettlebell swings (16kg)
12 x chin-ups (orange and red bands)

x 3

I completed it in 12mins 42 seconds, which is way better than my last time (in Jan this year) of 15mins 36 seconds. Last time I was using a 12kg kettle-bell and blue and red bands for chins, so I am improving! I did run last time though, so it's not exactly comparable. 


1 x rope climb (3 x rope pull-up from sitting for me cuz I can't rope climb)
10 x push-jerk (25kg)

15min AMRAP

I got through 3 full rounds and was just about to do the wall climb in the 4th. 

There was also supposed to be an abs finisher, but we went over time, so when I got home I did about 50 sit-ups to make up for it.


I've been quite down I think this week, which had lead to cooking and eating too many brownies (paleo, but even so) and just generally over eating everything. I'm not exactly sure what is up. I know part of it is self esteem, because I'm feeling fat and troll-like, I'm also feeling undesirable and unwanted, which is never a good state to be in and just causes more shit eating. I'm also annoyed at how slow my progress is, I instantly want to look awesome and have abs, but I don't and I know it's unrealistic because people like the chick below put in a ton of effort and probably don't binge eat, and undoing years of shit eating and weighing over 100kg takes time, I'm just impatient. I will also never look like that because I've stretched my skin to the point of no return by being such a lard-ass for so many years.

Another thing that is making feel like crap is that I wish my knee would just hurry up and get better, I want the freedom of just being able to go for a run. After my appointment on Wednesday I was feeling really low about the whole thing and not really sure that what the physio was telling me was correct, because it is taking ages and is not any better at all, but after spending part of yesterday googling my symptoms, it does seem that physio exercises and rest is pretty much all you can do. Yay :( 

So, what am I going to do to get myself out of this funk? I'm going to try and cut out sugar and essentially do a bit of a Whole30 (but be a bit less strict on weekends) to try and get my eating back on track and hopefully see some progress. I'm going to be less hard on myself and just TRY and eat intuitively and not beat myself up if I mess up. I'm not going to worry about the numbers on the scale or the measuring tape and try and focus on being better at Crossfit. I'm going to do all of my physio exercises and really try to get my knee sorted.

I'm going to make an effort to watch less tv and do other things more in the evenings, like read, have a bath, plan our trip to the US, sort out all the excess junk in my room, see friends, organise to sell some of the clothes that no longer fit but are too good/expensive to go to the op shop etc., instead of just sitting in front of the tv like a zombie for hours on end. I'm also going to maybe try out meditation to try and learn not to always be thinking a million things at once and worrying about things that are too far in the future or that are irrelevant, although I'm not sure how I'll go with that one! 

So, I'll see how it goes. I might need to re-read this post next week to remind myself of what I was going to do.

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