Monday, 5 September 2011

Day 6 - Be prepared

Today probably would have gone fine, except that I really wasn't prepared and all my good snacks that I keep at work had run out, so I had to buy something from the fundraising box at work, which is never going to be good.

Breakfast 9:30am: Choc-ice Up and Go - 193cal, 27.5g carb

Snack 11:00am: Pumpkin seeds - 76cal, 2.5g cabr

Lunch 1pm: Small rocket salad and a can of lemon pepper tuna - 128cal, 1.8g carbs, can of minestrone soup - 188cal, 30.7g carb

Snack 3:30pm: Dairy farmers thick and creamy 98% fat-free yogurt (strawberry) - 165cal, 25.7g carb

Snack 5pm: Gourmet nibble bag from the fundraising box (peanuts, dried fruit and yogurt balls) - 278cal, 32.5g carb

Dinner 8:30pm: Chicken and veggie stir fry with oyster sauce - 285cal, 8.4g carb, small glass of red wine - 82cal, 0g carb, 150g fat-free yoghurt with 3 strawberries - 95cal, 13.3g carb

Snack 10pm: 2 small slices of turkey and a tablespoon of low fat cottage cheese - 28cal, 10g carb

Totals: 1572cal, 150.2g carb
Exercise: 25mins walking - -106cal
Final total cals: 1466cal
Balance: -106cal, -50.2g carb

I went over both calories and carbs today, not too badly on the calorie front, but carbs weren't so good. I really didn't need the snack at 10pm but I was making my lunch for Tuesday and mindlessly ate it, it wasn't many extra calories though.

I am pmsing at the moment, so that always tends to make me eat like a pig, so maybe that's what's been going on with my ridiculous calorie intake over the past few days. I don't imagine I'll actually have lost any weight this week, but given it's that time of the month I'm not going to be too harsh on myself, I'll just try and keep and eye on it and make sure I do better next week.

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