Monday, 12 September 2011

Day 13 (Monday)

My day was going okay, until I decided to have yum cha for lunch! Oh well, that's what you get when you don't bring your lunch to work, planning really is everything with weight loss. Given my crazy calorie intakes for the last few days it will be completely unsurprising if I don't lose anything this week!

Breakfast: Protein shake - 224cal, 14.5g carb

Snack: apple - 68cal, 14.6g carb

Lunch: Yum-cha and 1/2 bottle white wine, hard to estimate the yum-cha but I put in rough estimates from similar items in calorie king - 1172cal, 126.9g carb

Dinner: 2 x sushi rolls, 1 piece eel small sushi, 1 inari - 450cal, 80.8g carb

Calorie total: 1913cal
Carb total: 236.8g
Exercise: 20mins walking - -84cal

Final calories: 1828
Calorie balance: -468
Carb balance: -136.8g

Weigh-in day is Wednesday, so tomorrow I am going to be super-good!

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