Monday, 19 September 2011

Day 17 (Friday)

Breakfast: Omelette with mushroom, baby spinach and capsicum, coffee with skim milk - 267cal, 13.1g carb.

Snack: Roast chicken slices with cottage cheese - 41 cal, 1.6g carb.

Lunch: Salad and can of sardines - 195cal, 12.9g carb, kiwifruit - 39cal, 6.9g carb.

Snack:  Smoked almonds and raisins - 197cal, 17.1g carb.

Snack: Apple and a jarrah chocolatte - 108cal, 20.6g carb.

Dinner: Italian chicken casserole - 368cal, 15.9g carb.

Cab noc related drinking and eating: 
Violet crumble pieces  - 118cal, 19g carb
5 glasses champagne - 567cal, 13.3g carb
1 can alcoholic energy drink - 170cal, 21.3g carb
1 gingerbread cookie - 144cal, 32.5g carb
chocolate cake - 109cal, 13.4g carb

Total calories: 2322
Total carbs: 187.5g
Exercise: 30mins walking: -127, approx 30mins dancing: -173cal

Final calories: 2023
Calorie balance: -663
Carb balance: -87.5g

Friday night drinking and eating is never going to be good for weightloss! It might have been better without the cake and the cookies!

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