Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Day 22 (Wednesday) - Food

Today I decided to do one of the Dukan Diet Attack-Phase pure protein days to try and get the numbers on the scales moving a bit and give me some motivation to keep going. It went pretty well, I had patches where I was really hungry but overall it wasn't too hard. I think the most important thing with this phase of the diet is to be prepared, because if you don't have enough easily accessible protein foods on hand then you're going to fail.

I ate way too much chicken at dinner which put me over my calorie limit, but I don't think that's so important in this phase of the diet, in the book it tells you to eat as much as you want so that's what I did!

Breakfast 7am: Omelette with 3 eggs (only because there were 3 left in the carton and I needed to make room in the fridge for the giant Costco carton!), coffee with skim milk - 295cal, 6.5g carb.

Snack 10am: 1 portion of low fat laughing cow cheese (cheese isn't in the approved foods but it's like 8g of it so I don't think it matters!) - 29cal, 0.9g carb.

Snack 11am: Seafood mix - 41cal, 9g carb.

Lunch 1pm: Fillet of fish cooked in the microwave (surprisingly good!) - 116cal, 1.3g carb.

Snack 3pm: Smoked salmon and cottage cheese - 157cal, 0.9g carb.

Snack 4:30pm: 260g Jalna low fat yogurt with 1.5tbs oat bran (as per the diet requirement) - 256cal, 24.5g carb (half my daily total of carbs!)

Snack 5:30pm: Soy latte - 118cal, 9.1g carb.

Dinner 8pm: 500g chicken thigh fillets (don't judge me!) with garlic and soy sauce - 677cal, 1.2g carb.

Total calories: 1688
Total carbs: 53.3g
Exercise: 30mins walking - -127cal

Final calories: 1561
Calorie balance: -201
Carb balance: 46.7 (Woo, firmly in the black!)

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