Monday, 26 September 2011

Day 27 (Monday)

I'm not going to bother putting the weekend up, Saturday was probably okay because I think the only meal I ate was dinner.. it was a veggie burger and chips and some garlic bread, but still, it's a lot less than I would normally eat. Sunday was pretty bad, I think I was almost double what I should have been eating calorie-wise, probably making up for Saturday.

Breakfast 10am: 350g Jalna low fat greek yogurt, coffee with skim milk - 399cal, 34.5g carb.

Snack 12pm: Smoked salmon and cottage cheese -  178cal, 3.5g carb.

Lunch 2pm: Fish - 79cal, 1.1g carb.

Snack 3:30pm: Soy latte - 156cal, 12g carb.

Snack 5pm: Ham and cottage cheese - 90cal, 3.8g carb.

Dinner 8pm: 500g chicken with soy sauce and garlic - 718cal, 8.5g carb (waaaay too much chicken but it's so damn tasty that I just keep eating it instead of keeping some for lunch, next time I will just have to cook half of it).

Total calories: 1619
Total carbs: 63.3g
Exercise: 30mins walking - -127cal

Final calories: 1492
Calorie balance: -132
Carb balance: 36.7g

I ate more carbs today than I have been on previous pure protein attack days, I think it's because I've been eating heaps of yogurt, which seems to have lots of carbs in it.

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