Monday, 19 September 2011

Day 18 and 19 (Saturday and Sunday)


Today we went to a picnic/party, I ate and drank waaaaaaay too much. Putting it all into calorie king would be too hard because I'm not entirely sure what I ate or how much, so I am just going to write this one off. We did ride our bikes to the picnic and back which was good but I can't imagine it would have made much of a dent in the calorie totals!


Sundays are never good, this was no exception, although not quite as bad as last weekend! I totally didn't need to eat the bread but it's one of my big weaknesses, if there is bread around, chances are that I'll be eating it.

Breakfast/Lunch: Grilled fish and chips, 2 dim sims - 720cal, 56g carb

Snacks: Dried fruit and nuts - 138cal, 13g carb, 3 pieces of white bread, butter and 1tsp nutella - 368cal, 60.4g carb.

Dinner: 2.5 slices meatlovers pizza with salad - 663cal, 72.3g carb, 1 magnum ice cream - 314 cal, 30g carb.

Total calories: 2203
Total carbs: 231.7g

Calories balance: -843
Carb balance: -131.7g

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