Monday, 12 September 2011

Day 10 (Friday)

Didn't do too badly today, despite going out for cocktails, although none of the cocktails I ordered are in calorie king so it's just a rough estimate! I also managed to get up and run, which was pretty good for a Friday!

Breakfast 7:30: smoothie - 414cal, 28.7g carb

Snack 11am: Nuts and dried fruit - 207cal, 15.2g carb

Lunch 1pm: Mixed vegetables and a Quorn burger pattie - 179cal, 13.4g carb

Snack 4pm: Cottage cheese and ham - 97cal, 2.8g carb

Dinner 7pm: Chicken in salsa - 235cal, 24.1g carb

Cocktails 10pm - 600cal, 44.5g carb

Total calories: 1770
Total carbs: 135.5g

Exercise: 30mins jogging - -349cal
Final calories: 1421
Calorie balance: -61
Carb balance: -35.5

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