Monday, 5 September 2011

Day 5 - Pizza day

Hrm I think the title says it all really!

Drank far too much on Saturday so breakfast was cheese and vegemite toasties and half a can of Rockstar energy drink - 479 cal, 67.6g carb.

Lunch was a packet of lollies and some V8 juice - 653 cal, 148.5g carb

Dinner was pizza, salad, red wine and ice cream - 1082cal, 115.9g carb

Exercise was walking to 7/11.. which is like 5mins so it doesn't count!

Daily totals: 2214cal, 332g carbs (!!!!)

I think I can see where I am going wrong here!! Gotta try and make a bit more of an effort on the weekend. Usually I am not quite this bad though! (Honest).

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