Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Day 30 (Wednesday) - Cravings of dooooom

Today was clear proof that if you have a serious, hard-core craving for something you should just have it, cuz otherwise you'll end up eating all this other stuff AND the thing you were craving as well. I could have saved myself so many calories today if I'd just bought the goddamn chocolate in the afternoon when I was craving it, instead of trying to make do with all these other things and then ending up eating it later that night anyway.

No exercise today because I was going to run after work but then the crazy storm happened and by the time I got home, saturated from the waist down, I decided that sitting on the couch and watching a movie was a way better idea than trying to do some form of exercise in the apartment.

Breakfast 7:30am: Natural muesli with low fat vanilla yogurt and strawberries, coffee with skim milk - 423cal, 71.4g carb.

Oh my lord, this was soooooooo goood after not having carbs for breakfast for so long!

Snack 11am: Laughing cow cheese and an apple - 97cal, 15.5g carb.

Snack 12pm: Pumpkin seeds - 76cal, 2.5g carb.

Lunch 1:30pm: Chicken jambalaya with cauliflower "rice", coffee with skim milk - 306cal, 14.2g carb.

Snack 3:30pm: Ham and cottage cheese - 73cal, 1.4g carb.

Snack 4:30pm: Jarrah chocolatte with low fat milk - 109cal, 13.4g carb.

This was when I was seriously craving chocolate, so I had a Jarrah chocolatte instead, which held off the chocolate craving for a bit and also made me feel really ill (hence stopping any other desire to eat) because of the milk (I'm lactose intolerant to some degree, milk is the dairy product I have the worst reaction to, I usually drink lactose free or soy when I can but work doesn't provide it).

Dinner 7:30pm: Chicken and veggies in salsa - 657cal, 27.8g carb.

After dinner binge-fest: Ham, dried fruit and nuts, peanut butter and finally some chocolate - 274cal, 13.1g carb.

Total calories: 2013
Total carbs: 159.1g
Calorie balance: -653
Carb balance: -59.1g

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