Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Day 7 - Back on track

I did well today with my calories and also walked an hour getting to uni and then back to Flinders street station, I think it was actually quicker than getting the tram! So I think I will keep doing it until I get the bike riding happening in October (I have to wait until my brother and his GF move their bikes once they go overseas because there's no space in the storage area for mine at the moment).

Breakfast 7:30am: Omelette with cherry tomatoes, baby spinach and a coffee with skim milk - 231 cal, 8.3g carb.

Snack 10:30am: 5 slices of 97% fat free turkey with cottage cheese (sooo good, thanks for the idea Jen!) - 76cal, 2.7g carb.

Lunch 12:45: Left over stir fried chicken with vegetables and oyster sauce - 285cal, 8.4g carb, 1 medium apple - 68cal, 14.6g carb.

Snack 4pm: Medium soy latte - 156cal, 12g carb

Snack 6pm: Small piece of seafood mix - 27cal, 6g carb

Dinner 7:30: Chicken and veggies baked in salsa with low fat cheese - 545cal, 24.5g carb

Dessert 9pm: 150g fat free natural yogurt, 4 strawberries - 100cal, 14.1g carb

Brain food to keep me going til 2am 10:30pm:  2 slices of turkey with cottage cheese - 26 cal, 0.9g carb

Total calories: 1512
Total carbs: 91.5g

Exercise: 1hr walking - -254cal

Final calories: 1258
Calorie balance: 102 calories to spare (woot!)
Carb balance: 8.5g (woot!)

All in all, it was a good day :D


  1. I think I should start one of these as well...
    I did pretty poorly Fri/Sat as I ate and drank out.
    Had a great day Tues, I always have no trouble with calories on training days - I put down 100min roller skating (982 calories) but actually had 150min training. I always underestimate as we do talk/have drink breaks etc. Skating is fucking hardcore.
    I got some protein bars to try replacing protein after training as I often crash and feel ridiculously hungry. It think it worked! I ate dinner before training as usual to make sure I had something in the tank and then had a protein bar (200calories, 20g protein, 20g carb, no sugar) immediately after training. I found I was not nearly as ravenously hungry after training and the next day as when I eat a muslei bar after training of similar calories. Let's see what happens on Sunday, which is usually the hardest day cause I'm training after breakfast...going to carbo-load for breakfast and protein bar after.
    Good work today Em!

  2. Yeah, I'm finding it really helpful actually! It makes me evaluate where I'm going wrong :)
    Weekends are just hard if you want to have any kind of life!

    Wow 982 calories?!! That's insane! Go you!
    What brand of protein bars did you get? That's great that they worked, they would also be really beneficial for your muscles after doing such a crazy amount of work.

    Thanks babe :) x