Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Day 8 - Weigh in day!

Well, today was my official weigh-in day.. so how did I do?

Weight - 75.3kg
Loss to date: 0.5kg since last Wednesday! WOOT!

It's not the 1kg I was aiming for, but looking at how badly I did on the weekend, I'm lucky to have lost anything!

Looking back over my spreadsheet at work, I've lost 2.4kg since June.. however there has been a lot of fluctuating over that time, but still, at least it's a loss.

Two people at work this week have told me that I look like I'm losing weight, so that's awesome, once people start noticing it's hugely motivating. My work pants that have been too tight are now really comfy, so that's also motivating.

Food-wise I did quite well today, I only went slightly over on both calories and carbs and I think that's because I was up til 2am working my assignment again, so I got hungry around midnight when I'm usually asleep by that time.

Breakfast 7:30am: Omelette with baby spinach and cherry tomatoes again and a coffee with skim milk - 231cal, 8.3g carb.

Snack 10:30am: 5 slices of turkey with cottage cheese - 94cal, 3.5g carb

Snack 11:45am:  Seafood mix - 54cal, 12g carb

Lunch 1:30pm: Quorn burger pattie and mixed vegetables with oyster sauce - 207cal, 18.7g carb

Snack 3pm: Kiwi fruit - 39cal, 6.8g carb

Snack 4:30pm: Apple - 86cal, 14.6g carb

Snack 6pm: Pumpkin seeds - 76cal, 2.5g carb

Dinner 7:30pm: Chicken and veggies in salsa - 545cal, 24.5g carb

Dessert 9pm: 140g fat free yogurt and 3 strawberries - 89cal, 12.6g carb

Snack 11:45pm: 2 slices low fat ham and cottage cheese - 21cal, 10g carb

Total calories: 1534
Total carbs: 104.5g

Exercise: 30mins walking - -127calories
Final calories: 1407
Calories balance: -47
Carb balance: -4.5g

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