Friday, 2 September 2011

Day 3 - fail

I was going really well today until I went for a run after work, and then it was all downhill, very quickly! If you're on my facebook you'll know the story, but here is the short version if you're not - I was 15mins into my run and feeling really good, even thinking about going longer than 30mins, when suddenly something really dodgy started happening with my digestive system, I HAD to stop running, otherwise there would have been a horrible accident in the middle of Elwood, even walking too fast was out.

So I walked home again and then proceeded to eat random crap until dinner was ready and then ate way too much chocolate after dinner. Total fail, but I guess I didn't go too far over my calories or carbs so it wasn't like I ate a tub of ice cream or a packet of tim tams or anything.

Breakfast 7:30am - Same as yesterday 231 cal, 8.3g carb

Snack 10:30am - Mandarin - 42 cal, 8.2 carb

Lunch 1:30pm - Salad (baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, carrot, red capsicum) and a quorn burger pattie - 167 cal, 16.8g carb.

Snack 3pm - 110g low fat cottage cheese - 99 cal , 4g carb

Snack 4:30pm - Slimfit ultra low carb protein powder and skim milk - 192 cal, 10.7g carb

Pre-dinner snacking 7:40pm - 1 slice cheese, 1tbs natural peanut butter, 181 cal, 2.8g carb

Dinner 8:30pm - Chicken in salsa (chicken thigh fillets, canned corn, random vegetables, jar of salsa and 60g cheese baked.. sooo good! I ate too much of it though) - 352 cal, 36.1g carb

Dessert 9-11pm - 2 rows dark chocolate, 2 chocolate covered jelly snakes and 3 glasses of wine - 660 cal, 44.9g carb.

Total: 1924 cal, 131.8g carb
Exercise: 15mins running and 25mins walking -281cal
Calories minus exercise: 1642 cal (282 cals over limit)
Carb balance: -31.8g

So, not great but could have been worse.. running tomorrow AM.

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