Sunday, 4 September 2011

Day 4 - total write-off!

Day 4 

Started off okay today, went for a run and had a smoothie for breakfast (protein powder, chia seeds, LSA, vital greens, yogurt, milk and coffee), so burnt 350cal and then ate 419cal and 29.5g carb.

Then I went out for lunch and had 2 coffees and poached eggs on a bagel with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce, which I didn't think was such a bad choice, other than the hollandaise and the bagel.. however now that I've put it into calorie king I'm shocked! The whole thing was 1085 calories and 92.5g carb!!! Almost my whole days worth! It was delicious though and in good company, so it was worth it.

It got worse later on, for dinner we went out for peking duck and had wine and then banana fritters with ice cream (artfully arranged like a penis and balls no less!), then I went to a party and drank and entire bottle of champagne and had probably 10+ vodka jelly shots and some chips. Total for all of that was roughly 2337cal and 181g carbs.

So my totals for the day are completely appalling , but I had a great day so I don't really care! Dieting on the weekend is boring, but I will make more of an effort not to go too overboard with eating and drinking everything in sight next time!

Total cals: 3841
Total carbs: 303g
Exercise: 30mins running, -350cal
Final cals: 3491cal

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