Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Day 15 - Weigh-in day (Wednesday)

So today is weigh-in day and I was thinking that I probably would have put on weight, given how dreadful I was on the weekend, but no, I actually lost something..only 100g, but still, not a gain!

I am definitely going to rein these weekends in, I could probably lose this 5kg if I didn't blow it so badly every weekend! Now I am going to have to get the boy's house stocked with things other than delicious carbs and try  to resist when he's eating lollies or bread :)

Current weight: 75.2kg
Starting weight: 75.8kg

Weight loss to date: 0.6kg
Days until S&S: 23
Short term goal: 70.8kg
Weight til goal: 4.4kg

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