Thursday, 15 September 2011

Day 16 (Thursday)

I was feeling a little worse for wear when I woke up, even though I didn't drink that much the night before, so toast was really the only thing I wanted for breakfast. Plus I had some avocado that needed to be used and there is really no substitute for avocado on toast! To make up for it I tried to minimise the carbs at other meals, but kind of failed at that and ended up over.

I also set my alarm to go for a run before work too but there was no way that was going to happen! I felt really tired all day and wanted to go home and just lie on the couch and stare blankly at the tv for several hours, but for some reason by the time I got home I decided to go for a run, and I'm really glad I did because it was quite a good run and although I'd been feeling so tired all day, I ran quite well!

Breakfast 7:30am: 2 pieces of Edwards sourdough and grain toast, one with 1/4 avocado and the other with butter and vegemite, coffee with skim milk - 574cal, 66.9g carb.

Snack 11am: Japanese peanut crackers - 151cal, 17.7g carb.

Lunch 1:30pm: Mixed vegetables and a Quorn burger pattie - 179cal, 13.4g carb.

Snack 3pm: Celery, carrot, low fat chicken breast slices and cottage cheese - 154cal, 8.1g carb.

Snack 5pm: Dried strawberries and sultanas with white choc bits -153cal, 24.9g carb.

Dinner 8:15pm: Italian chicken casserole, low fat yogurt with raspberries - 511cal, 29.5g carb.

Total calories: 1722
Total carbs: 160.4g
Exercise: 20mins walking and 30mins jogging - -433 cal

Final calories: 1288
Calorie balance: 72 (woo, the black!)
Carb balance: -60.4 (oh well, price you pay for eating toast and dried fruit!)

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