Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day 23 (Thursday) - Weight loss!

Well the pure protein day yesterday worked, I weighed myself this morning and I was 74.7kg, which is a loss of 0.8kg since yesterday! It's a big a number though, so I am assuming it's fluid loss, even though I drank over 2 litres of water yesterday.

Given the success of yesterday I'm going to do it again today. I'd like to do it tomorrow as well, but I don't think it's a good idea seeing as I'm going out drinking tomorrow night and should probably eat something a bit more substantial for dinner, otherwise it'll be a messy night!

Breakfast 7:00am: Omelette and coffee with skim milk - 211cal, 6.3g carb.

Snack 10am: Laughing cow low fat cheese - 29cal, 0.9g carb, Seafood mix - 70cal, 15.6g carb.

Snack 11:45am: Can of tuna - 172cal, 0.7g carb.

Lunch 2pm: Fish cooked in the microwave - 116cal, 1.3g carb.

Snack 3:30pm: Smoked salmon and cottage cheese - 161cal, 1.1g carb.

Snack 5pm: Low fat yogurt and 1.5tbs oat bran - 256cal, 24.5g carb.

Dinner 7:30pm: 300g steak with garlic and dijon mustard (soooo gooood, I haven't had steak in ages) - 545cal, 1.3g carb.

After dinner I ate some yogurt and cottage cheese but I just added these amount to the yogurt and cottage cheese from earlier in the day so they're already accounted for.

Total calories: 1560
Total carbs: 51.7g
Exercise: 30mins walking - -127cal

Final calories: 1433
Calories balance: -73
Carb balance: 48.3g

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