Thursday, 22 September 2011

Day 24 (Friday) - Woot 1.7kg down!

I weighed myself this morning and I was 73.8kg, which is a loss of 1.7kg in 2 days! That's amazing! I know it's probably water weight and I'll gain it back over the weekend but it's still pretty awesome. I think I'll be doing the Dukan diet until S&S because it seems to work and it's easy to stick to. My apologies to Jen for giving her so much shit about this diet before! :P

I'm posting my food now because I'm going to a party tonight and all bets are off! Actually tomorrow will probably be the issue because I'll be hungover and wanting delicious carbs.

Breakfast 7:30am: Omelette with 3 eggs and coffee with skim milk - 256cal, 6.4g carb.

Snack 10am: Laughing cow low fat cheese - 29cal, 0.9g carb.

Snack 11:30am:  Seafood mix - 70cal, 15.6g carb.

Lunch 2pm: Fish cooked in the microwave - 116cal, 1.3g carb.

Snack 3:30pm: Smoked salmon and cottage cheese - 161cal, 1.1g carb.

Snack 5pm: Low fat yogurt (I forgot to bring the oat bran) - 107cal, 9.6g carb.

I'm planning on having left over chicken and vegetable jambalaya with cauliflower "rice", mostly because I have some left from earlier in the week and also because I probably shouldn't drink without eating something other than protein first.. although it doesn't have many carbs in it. Hrmm I might be a cheap date tonight!

Proposed dinner: Chicken and vegetable jambalaya with cauliflower "rice" - 278cal, 10.8g carb.

Calories so far (including dinner): 1017
Carbs so far (including dinner): 45g

Calories spare: 343
Carbs spare: 5g

According to Calorie King, if I drink an entire bottle of champagne I'll only be 188 calories over my limit and 7.5g carbs over! That's not bad at all, although I imagine I'll be eating crap as well. Still, got a bit to play with :)

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